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Which of the three winners will take home the trophy?



At Anfield, Jurgen Klopp’s team outperformed the Premier League winners and deserved all three points.

Alexis Mac Allister’s penalty nullified John Stones’ first goal, and after more VAR silliness, the Argentine was denied another late penalty.

When the nerves are taken out of the game, though, the play was fantastic; this is without a doubt the best Premier League match in memory.

To be fair, Man City shook you every time they entered the opposing half, and I thought they were amazing in those early exchanges, but Liverpool was the superior team all around.

Even with so many injuries, it’s a remarkable accomplishment for the Reds to make such a fantastic squad appear mediocre for the entirety of the second half, even at full strength.

We would certainly have preferred three points, but in the end, a draw has to be seen as a reasonably good result, especially after falling behind.

DAN: This was just one of many incredible football matches between Jurgen’s Liverpool and Pep’s Man City, and the mood was appropriate for the occasion.

Anfield provided ample delivery. From the beginning to the end, there were surges and troughs of supremacy.

We were outstanding considering the number of absences, and considering the amazing outcomes the children had achieved lately, this was a step up in the classroom, and we were up to the task.

By most measures, we were on equal footing with the strongest side available, therefore we battled fire with fire.

He was everywhere all day, not only tackling ferociously but also using the ball so brilliantly. His penalty was unconcerned; he need to continue receiving spot kicks.

Then there is Virgil van Dijk, who gave another one of those performances that is typical for him but, for many others, the finest performance of their entire careers.

Van Dijk was playing at his most commanding level yesterday, and the Reds’ midfield duo of Endo and Mac Allister is their main source of inspiration and vitality at the moment.

What a signing—Alexis’ composure from the penalty spot after having to wait a long time, along with his obvious superiority in a midfield full of talent!

Huge moments that have gone against the Reds in important games include the Martin Odegaard handball at Anfield, the Diaz “goal” at Tottenham, and now this decision

I firmly believe Michael Oliver simply didn’t want to make a crucial call during stoppage time in the biggest game of the season, but these officials are making it up as they go along.

How in the world is Jeremy Doku not even giving up a foul for that tackle on Mac Allister if you’re sending Curtis Jones off for winning the ball and then crossing the man against Spurs?

It is a scandal, and it is clear that these choices will prevent Liverpool from winning the championship in May.

considering Henry points out, the officials’ rationale has been overtaken by the enormity of the decision, considering it was most likely a penalty 20 minutes earlier.

Liverpool has the Klopp factor, and they are displaying such amazing resilience in the face of adversity. Their remaining games don’t seem that challenging.

Given their capacity to win every game left, City is, understandably, the slight favorite with the bookies, although Arsenal has the upper hand and will have gained experience from the previous campaign.

The result of their match at the Etihad later in the month is really important; if we can defeat Brighton the day before and City loses, I believe we will take home the championship.

That performance gives me so much hope for the last stretch, even though a draw can truly be seen as two points lost considering the way the game unfolded and how dominant we were for significant stretches of the second half.

Especially considering the remaining games and the fact that, if all goes according to plan, we should be adding Trent, Jones, Gravenberch, and Konate back into the mix soon—possibly ahead of bringing Jota and Alisson back later.

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