Voss prepared for whatever Crows throw," reflecting his readiness for challenges.
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Voss prepared for whatever Crows throw,” reflecting his readiness for challenges.



Michael Voss expects a tough challenge from Adelaide, but he is convinced his team will hold up.

After another close finish against the Dockers in Gather Round, AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss believes his team is prepared for another challenge against the Crows.

Noting the various methods the squad has been able to win since important people returned, Voss was insistent that the Blues must enter Marvel Stadium as determined as ever.

Here’s what he said.

On Sam Walsh: 

“He’s gotten through what he needed to, and it’s terrific to have him back on the club.

“We also recognize that he has a function to play; we don’t want him to do anything other than get his job done for us, and we know what that looks like for him. It’s his first game of football this year, so we’ll have to consider that.

“I don’t want to minimize Sam Walsh’s impact on our team, but if you believe he is the difference, we’re on the wrong track. We’ve approached everything with a squad mindset, so we appreciate that there’s one individual who can step in and play an important role and have a say in it. Sam coming in helps us with that, but we can’t think that’s the solution; it’s just one element of a larger picture.”

On having a stable, cohesive squad: 

“Through experience, I’ve learned that having stability, coherence, and time to work together as a group is the most vital aspect. When you’re a little more settled, individuals understand what their jobs are, what tasks they need to complete, and they can work through challenges together, which is what we expect to achieve.”

On Blake Acres’ 150, Sam Walsh’s 100 and Michael Voss’ 450-game (as player and coach) milestones: 

“Well, 450 makes me feel older, so that’s all it does. I believe we continue to identify milestones as we have in the past; it is vital to be able to take a step back at times and recognize them.

“These are minor incidents that occur along the personal trip; it is their own story to tell, and we will tell those stories about those two and their adventures to this point in time.

“We give it the acknowledgement, but then we shift our gears into what we need to do and the job we have at hand.”

On reviewing the Fremantle game: 

“We celebrated the positive aspects, for sure. We were pleased that we were able to maintain a defensive stance for such an extended duration. Despite numerous obstacles, we were able to keep the scoreboard close.

“We certainly felt like Freo had the upper hand for most of the game so we addressed that and what parts of that game looked like but you also have to celebrate what we did really well.”

On building trust and closing out tight games: 

“I spoke to the group thereafter and discussed how difficult it is to create trust. They don’t have to concentrate on the guy beside them because he’s doing his job.

“It took a long time to get to that point. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of failure, making mistakes and then being able to repair those mistakes and learn what will happen next time.

“We’ve had a lot of those times, and we’ve unpacked a lot of them, so maybe we’ll be ready when they happen. It does not ensure that we will get through the next one, but it gives us great hope.”

On scoring more from turnovers rather than stoppages:

“I believe it is having a balanced profile; we don’t want to be overly focused in one area. To be an effective team member, you must understand your strengths and those of others. Whether it’s a turnover game or a stoppage, we’d like to see both of those come together at some point, because as the games become bigger and the year develops, you want to tie those things together a little tighter.

“We’re still not the finished product and we still need to get after a few things and if we can get that balanced profile we’re after, then we’ll be a very hard side to beat.”

On what to expect from the Crows:

“We’ve played several recent games against them, which would indicate that we can expect their best. I believe what we are discovering is that the competition is quite strong. It will require teams to be close to their best for the majority of the year, which is why games like Freo, when you can walk away with four points while not being at your best, are vital wins in the season’s final stretch.

“What we expect from the Crows is that they will bring their best, and they have been developing throughout the season: there has been discussion about how they want to move the ball, and that is one component that we must consider. We also need to have our game on, make sure we have our style, and they have to try to beat us.”

On Elijah Hollands: 

“He went out of the game thinking he wouldn’t get up for this, but the scans were quite clear. He was able to participate in some training yesterday, so I feel he’s recovered well and will play.





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