Trevon Diggs and Joie Chavis of the Cowboys will have a child together; she already has children with Future and Bow Wow. | soccer4u
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Dallas Cowboys 

Trevon Diggs and Joie Chavis of the Cowboys will have a child together; she already has children with Future and Bow Wow.



Trevon Diggs, a 25-year-old cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, and model Joie Chavis announced their third pregnancy on Instagram. Chavis is the mother of Future’s son and Bow Wow’s daughter.

With her boyfriend Diggs, 25, Chavis, 35, announced their impending third child on Instagram on Thursday.

She uploaded a video of herself in a bikini, flaunting her expanding baby bulge, to the 2001 hit song “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell.

On Thursday, a social media celebrity, fitness fanatic, and professional dancer announced the growth of her family. rumored to be dating the NFL player since 2022; Stefon Diggs is a wide receiver for the Bills.

The couple’s speculation was put to rest when Trevon shared a birthday picture on Instagram Stories, followed by her appearance.

Chavis had previously discussed how the world perceived her as a mother of two children raised by two well-known rappers.

“Oh, she’s just having these babies to get a bag, she’s a gold digger.” Since I was fifteen years old, I have worked constantly; I have no idea what it’s like to sit around doing nothing.

I receive no child support payments. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest, and I believe it to be the biggest misconception. I’m so much more to the folks that know me than that.

Chavis has dated a number of well-known people, including Future, the rapper with whom she has a child. Bow Wow and P Diddy are two more names.

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