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Trent Alexander-Arnold’s ideal midfield partner is already in Liverpool squad



The Liverpool Reds’ recent triumph over Leeds United is discussed by our weekly Liverpool jury columnists.

As the Premier League season enters its final eight games, Liverpool fans are feeling more upbeat than ever after to their team’s first victory in more than a month.


Trent Alexander-Arnold was largely responsible for the Reds’ brilliant forward play, which Leeds United was subjected to in full. The 24-year-old has looked back to his very best and will try to keep up this form in the upcoming weeks as he stars in his new advanced role for the second straight game.

Liverpool’s next opponent this weekend is Nottingham Forest as Jurgen Klopp’s team takes on yet another team vying for a playoff spot.

Four fans have voiced their opinions ahead of this Saturday’s match at Anfield as part of the weekly ECHO fan piece.

When Jurgen Klopp indicated that we had been training well in preparation for Monday night’s game, it is obvious that he wasn’t joking. I was pleased to see Curtis Jones perform admirably in a challenging away game at Elland Road during a week that was buzzing with rumors about which midfielders will and won’t be joining this summer. He embodied for me everything admirable about our performance: quick and witty, yet with the grace and composure we’ve been desperately seeking lately.

As we prepare to face Forest at home this weekend, I’d be starting the same same eleven players. There are almost too many positives to list from our previous game: Trent was at his most inventive, Salah and Jota were razor-sharp, Robertson looked enormous and anxious to keep the ball alive. By the time Diaz returned, it was really a formality, but he also appeared to be in need of food. Let’s follow it up and capitalize on the momentum.

This year, the Klopp machine has been painfully grinding to a halt, but there have been glimmers of a revival. It was entertaining to watch Liverpool players swarm around the ball in the 92nd minute like frenzied wasps.

Trent possesses all the qualities of a complete midfielder, which has led to calls from the public for him to be utilized in advanced situations. Are we now witnessing Klopp’s ears beginning to perk up to this suggestion? Trent was told to play with Fabinho against Arsenal, and while the formation initially caused some conflict, the team’s performance finally came together.

Liverpool’s difficulties may not be solved by Trent’s shift into the midfield, but if Klopp continues to be daring in how he uses Trent, we will see more inventiveness. Trent’s effectiveness in those midfield zones is demonstrated by Nunez’s goal against Leeds. Trent and Thiago in the middle of the field would undoubtedly excite supporters.

Klopp will need to make sure the full-back position is strengthened if Trent is to be used in midfield because a weakness in this area has frequently been our undoing this season. Although the Klopp machine has begun to gradually ramp up, momentum and consistency are now crucial.

Each single week adds a fresh chapter to Liverpool Football Club’s ever-expanding tapestry. However, it’s one that the fan jury as a whole predicted and one that many of us have requested at various moments over the season.

It has finally occurred, it has finally arrived, and it has given us every present we had hoped for. A reenergized offense, defenses cracked open with inventiveness, and a preseason treat for the fanbase. Trent is playing middle.

I’m not certain that that qualifies as an inverted full-back. Whatever the case may be, Trent shifting centrally and rearranging the backline to offer extra protection has transformed the Reds from dangers on the flanks to threats in the middle as well. A former wing-back who is now a playmaker in deep-lying midfield provides the creative flair.

By doing so, it might also address three other issues, including giving Salah more room to perform his grunt work, reducing the need for fresh midfield additions, and providing an answer to the question of what Klopp’s Liverpool will look like in the future. Again, the future appears promising!

It was a fun and encouraging night on Monday. The path that led to the final score of 6-1 was full of promise. Shape, tempo, and mindset all felt a little more in sync with one another.

Understandably, Trent Alexander-Arnold’s modified role has received a lot of attention. It seemed to be the source of many of the positive traits we observed in the victories over Leeds and Arsenal. The modification can present special opportunities for Liverpool both as a group and as an individual, and it is one that is reminiscent of some of the best work by Arsenal, Manchester City, and Brighton.

It’s encouraging that the Reds have since implementing it demonstrated higher maximal creativity together with greater compactness in transition. It might significantly alter the playing field in a number of ways, possibly even in recruitment.

There are now more reasons to smile as you look ahead, despite the fact that Leeds aren’t in a fantastic place right now, which should be taken into account. Consistency is something to strive for in any case. The trips to West Ham on Wednesday and Nottingham Forest on Saturday will provide various difficulties. We can take advantage of the extra flexibility we seem to have in terms of strategy and personnel right now.

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