The Lions' trade bid for Marshon Lattimore is more than the Saints could have anticipated. | soccer4u
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The Lions’ trade bid for Marshon Lattimore is more than the Saints could have anticipated.



Trade proposal is more than Saints can expect to get from Lions for Marshon Lattimore

The Detroit Lions might make sense to trade for Marshon Lattimore, but a fictitious offer is probably more than what would be necessary to acquire him.

Demise. taxes. There is a salary cap issue with the New Orleans Saints. These are some of the basic truths of life, and the Saints are currently over $42 million in the red as of this writing, so this season is no exception.

The Saints reworked cornerback Marcus Lattimore’s deal back in January, anticipating cap difficulties once more. By lowering his base salary to $1.2 million and converting $13.79 million of it into an option bonus that can be exercised up to one week prior to the start of the regular season, this decreased his 2024 cap hit by $11 million to $14.6 million and made it easier to trade him.

Like a signing bonus, the cap hit for that bonus can likewise be dispersed over a number of years.

Cutting Lattimore will simply not benefit the Saints in any way, even if they decide to mark him as a post-June 1 cut. In any case, he has some intrinsic trade value, so that’s a means to at least receive something for him

However, the Saints might incur up to $45 million in dead money if they traded him before June 1st and used the previously mentioned incentive. Permits the distribution of the dead money beyond June 1.

In his first five years with the Saints, Lattimore made four Pro Bowls and was named Defensive Rookie of the Year. He has missed a total of 17 games in the last two seasons, thus they have not been as good.

The Lions’ trade bid for Marshon Lattimore is more than what the Saints should anticipate in exchange.

In the off-season, Lattimore appears to be a viable choice for the Detroit Lions, who are looking to improve at cornerback.

Naturally, Dan Campbell, the head coach of the Lions, coached the Saints’ tight ends from 2016 to 2020. More pertinent to Lattimore, though, during that same period of time, the Saints’ defensive backs were coached by defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.

With a $2 million roster bonus and a prorated signing bonus, Lattimore will have significant salary cap hits in 2025 ($31.4 million) and 2026 ($28.55 million). Any team that could wish to trade for him would have to take it into serious consideration, although it might be lessened by working out specifics in trade talks.

The following trade idea from Drew Collings of Who Dat Dish would send Lattimore to the Lions in a new Saints mock draft.

To sell Lattimore before June 1st and incur a significant amount of dead money, the Saints might want enough return for their draft pick. Perhaps the Lions’ first-round selection and their additional third-round pick from the T.J. Hockenson trade can help.

The only significance of the two sixth-round selections the Saints would give to the Lions in this scenario is that they would provide Brad Holmes with additional Day 3 draft money with which to potentially make deals.

In other words, if a deal were to occur prior to the draft, Lattimore would be acquired by the Lions in exchange for picks 29 and 73 in the April draft. However, do the Saints actually have the right to request the first-round pick? Any interested team, including the Lions, could simply wait until June 2 to complete a deal.

A later selection and the 73rd pick? Select the 61st and 73rd slots this season? We may be discussing a trade right now to deliver the Saints 2024 draft selections in exchange for Lattimore. This year’s first-round pick is a stretch and isn’t what New Orleans should be hoping to acquire in any potential trade with the Lions.

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