The Lakers as a potential landing spot for Donovan Mitchell.
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Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers as a potential landing spot for Donovan Mitchell.



The Cleveland Cavaliers may be under more pressure to produce once the postseason begins than any other club in the NBA. Cleveland made a big impact in the 2022 offseason by acquiring Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz.

That has swiftly changed their fortunes, as they have become one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference since adding him to the roster. However, there has been widespread speculation that Mitchell will not stay in Cleveland indefinitely.

If Cleveland does not advance to the NBA Finals, Mitchell is expected to leave as a free agent in 2025. That contradicts what Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert previously stated, when he made a bold prediction, expressing confidence that Mitchell would sign a long-term contract with the organization.

Nobody else has voiced the amount of trust Gilbert has in Mitchell’s long-term prospects in Cleveland. While the Cavaliers are experiencing their most successful season without LeBron James, it has never felt that Mithcell was a long-term player.

If they believe Mitchell will go without a long playoff run this season, trade whispers will circulate. The Cavaliers do not want to move Mitchell, but it would be awful for business if he were to leave in free agency without obtaining anything in exchange.

The Los Angeles Lakers might be a potential destination for Mitchell if the Cavaliers decide to move him during the NBA offseason.

It is no secret that the Lakers would like to add a third star to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It’s been reported for a while, with Kyrie Irving previously linked to the team and Trae Young a more recent prospective trade target.

With James’ NBA career coming to an end, the Lakers may be willing to bet big on a Mitchell/Davis long-term partnership. This summer is significant for Los Angeles, as they will also face a major free agent dilemma if James rejects his player option for the 2024-25 season.





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