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The Jude Bellingham transfer issue must be resolved for Liverpool, as Jürgen Klopp gave a crucial note



Jurgen Klopp has received an important reminder from Jude Bellingham and he knows Liverpool have a major hurdle to overcome to avoid a repeat of this summer.

The Jude Bellingham transfer issue must be resolved for Liverpool, as Jürgen Klopp gave a crucial note

As one summer transfer window draws to a close, Liverpool seem to be aiming for the next one. Next summer, it looks like the Reds will be putting all their eggs in one basket in their pursuit of Jude Bellingham.

The 19-year-old Borussia Dortmund midfielder certainly meets plenty of criteria for Liverpool and while FSG must approve a hefty move to sign the England international, even a pricey transfer could be worth the owners careful calculated from Liverpool in the long run.

Bellingham is the kind of investment that will last a full decade, with the midfielder seen as a generational talent, making him a solid buy even for the sort of fee the FSG wouldn’t normally sanction.

However, given his talent, potential and status as one of the best midfielders in the league, Liverpool will not go unchallenged in their bid to sign Bellingham. There will likely be a number of other rival clubs who are also determined to push him away from Borussia Dortmund.

And getting into a bidding war has never been the way Liverpool have approached things. There is a risk that another club will offer more financial incentives and perhaps even better title chances for Bellingham.

Liverpool want to avoid that. Jurgen Klopp confirmed earlier this week that the Reds have already missed out on a key target this summer, which would be Aurélien Tchouaméni, who opted for Real Madrid instead. The same feat can happen with Bellingham. Worse, Bild in Deutschland reports that Borussia Dortmund do not necessarily want to sell him next summer and would like to extend his contract. This would jeopardize the whole plan of the club.

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Therefore, the Reds simply need to change their approach. Bellingham is a great player but it doesn’t have to be Bellingham or going broke for Liverpool next summer.

There are plenty of alternatives that could do a similar job to the England international and might not even be worth the same exorbitant price. Julian Ward’s job will now be to compile a list of options that Bellingham may or may not be at the top, but there must be alternatives below him. Preparing otherwise would be too big a bet, which even Klopp may not be able to handle.


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