The head of Borussia Dortmund responds to Sadio Mane's alleged arrogance by saying, "Idiot like this." Liverpool claims | soccer4u
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The head of Borussia Dortmund responds to Sadio Mane’s alleged arrogance by saying, “Idiot like this.” Liverpool claims



Liverpool allowed Sadio Mané to sign with Bayern Munich this summer for a possible cost of £35 million. But with their own sales, the German juggernauts are taking a major risk.

A former Liverpool player questioned Sadio Mane’s decision to join Bayern Munich, and the club’s top executive has now responded to that player’s remarks.

The head of Borussia Dortmund responds to Sadio Mane's alleged arrogance by saying, "Idiot like this

A former Liverpool player was criticized by the CEO of Borussia Dortmund for remarks they made regarding Sadio Mane.


Mane’s six-year spell on Merseyside came to an end with the Reds’ recent completion of a £35 million transfer to Bayern Munich. Darwin Nunez was acquired by Liverpool from Benfica before Liverpool allowed the Senegal international to leave.

Dean Saunders was perplexed by Liverpool’s choice to allow Mane to depart Anfield even though they received more money than what they paid Southampton for him in 2016 and had one year left on his contract. The former Red questioned the quality of the Bundesliga and claimed he did not understand why Mane would have wanted to leave Liverpool.

Saunders had said to talkSPORT last week, “I’m still perplexed as to why he’s gone. Why would you quit Liverpool when everyone likes you—including your teammates and manager?

“You’re playing in the best front-three of your life,” the coach said. There will never be a better team than the one he is now on.

With regard to Saunders’ remarks, Watzke told Bild that there are always some conceited fools like this one.

Manager of Dortmund Hans-Joachim Watzke has now criticized Saunders’ remarks. The former Liverpool star was called a “arrogant idiot” by the CEO of the German club for his comments about the Bundesliga, and he also poked fun of English clubs for their efforts in Europe last season.

“I am aware that German football still enjoys a positive reputation since I am on the board of the European Club Association, or ECA. The three European Cup championships from the previous season were not won by the English.


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