Swansea rejected Cullen's contract offer, opting for a one-year. . .
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Swansea rejected Cullen’s contract offer, opting for a one-year extension instead.



Swansea City has rejected Liam Cullen’s desire for a new contract, after talks fell down last week. The club’s lowest-paid’senior’ player (he is twenty-five) requested a better deal, boosting his weekly salary from £3,500 to about £7,000 over three years.

Swansea City immediately rejected the proposal, which Luke Williams has now confirmed. With words of encouragement that he feels Liam will be even better and happier as a result of this newest news (he isn’t) and that he will be offered a better contract the following year. Regardless of what Cullen and the club say publicly, no player will want to continue on the same terms as Liam. His pay is surprisingly modest for a Championship player. In fact, one of the lowest for a full-time squad member in the entire league.

The club has a number of financial issues to address this summer as it prepares for the new season, not the least of which is the club’s near-breach of sustainability standards due to their ongoing profit and loss margins. Investments do not last forever, and Swansea LLC in the United States wants positive action. We were asked not to share the terrible news that Liam received around ten days ago, and we agreed not to. However, considering this is now news and Luke Williams has remarked on it, we must also comment.

Liam Cullen has been denied a new contract worth almost three years, as the team begins to actively save every penny. However, we also know that this has alerted other teams, who consider Cullen as a potential candidate for next season. We all know he loves the club and wants to stay; now it’s a test of his true character and devotion, which many would not have. In truth, his future hangs in the balance. With no prospect other than to play Championship football next season on one of the league’s lowest incomes for a player his age.




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