Shrewsbury Town Axe Eight Players From The Squad
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Shrewsbury Town Axe Eight Players From The Squad



The time of year when teams reveal their retained lists is here.

Although Shrewsbury’s Paul Hurst has already made his available, Pompey is still gathering theirs. This is happening mere days after the Shrews concluded the season in 19th place following their 3-1 home loss to Leyton Orient on Saturday.

As he bid farewell to eight players from this season’s roster, including Tom Flanagan, Elliott Bennet, and former Pompey midfielder Tom Bayliss., Hurst maintained that it was a “business decision.”


“First and foremos, it is not personal – it is a business decision as such,” he stated, confirming the news. However, I can honestly say that I haven’t come across someone that I detest.

“Everyone has been a good guy.” Regarding anything at the training ground or such, they have not given me the slightest issue. I want them to go on and find another place.

I hope that some of the things we have hopefully sent to them throughout the course of our work with them will eventually sink in, whether it takes them a year or two. I can almost guarantee that every individual who received that message will be signed by a football team, and I won’t be harboring any negative intentions towards them.

“I can live with it if they continue to do really well and people tell me that I made a mistake,” he said.

As I previously stated, I believe that in order to grow and change, sometimes it takes experiences. For example, certain players may perform better at a different club with a different structure or manager. In the end, we constantly aim to better people and help them comprehend what they do for a living. Not just strategically, but also in terms of what has to be done in order to potentially have a lengthy career.


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