Should Cody Gakpo's 'goal' for Liverpool against Aston Villa have stood? And should Tyrone Mings have been sent off? | soccer4u
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Should Cody Gakpo’s ‘goal’ for Liverpool against Aston Villa have stood? And should Tyrone Mings have been sent off?



Plus: Should Tyrone Mings have been sent off for a high challenge on Gakpo’s chest? Was Joe Worrall lucky not to concede a penalty for a foul on Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus?

In the latest Ref Watch, former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher reflects on the most controversial moments from the weekend’s games.

Liverpool 1-1 Aston Villa

INCIDENT: With Liverpool trailing 1-0 to Aston Villa, Cody Gakpo equalizes but an offside check is called on Virgil van Dijk, who was flagged for offside earlier after Luis Diaz’s header was blocked by Ezri Konsa. VAR note that Konsa made no real attempt to play the ball, meaning Van Dijk was ruled offside.

VERDICT: Correct decision in law, but it’s tricky.

DERMOT SAYS: “In law Gakpo’s goal shouldn’t have stood, the officials have got it correct. The way it is written, the referees are in a pickle with it.

“This is a very tough law to interpret. It’s all about if the player makes a genuine attempt to play the ball. Does he go to block the ball, does it strike him?

“If you look at this incident, the VAR can’t decide. He has to send the referee to the monitor because it has to be the referee’s decision and it has to be subjective.

“A block is a block. A genuine attempt to play the ball is to take the ball under control, clear it for a corner or to clear it up field.

“The referee has to second guess the player’s [Konsa] intention. The law as it is written doesn’t help the officials. If I was that player I would probably be upset.

“It’s a very unfortunate part of the law which leaves the officials hamstrung.”

INCIDENT: In the first half, Tyrone Mings is penalised for a high boot on Cody Gakpo, in which the Villa defender catches the Liverpool forward in the chest. The referee gives Mings a yellow card.

Dermot Gallagher says Tyrone Mings should have seen red for his high boot challenge against Cody Gakpo, which saw the Liverpool forward left with visible cuts.

VERDICT: It’s a red card.

DERMOT SAYS: “There are stud marks all up his chest, he caught him at the top of his chest. He’ll say he got the ball but that doesn’t negate that as we saw with Casemiro earlier in the season.

“For me if you put your studs that high into someone’s chest you are lucky to stay on the field.

“When you are face to face on the field you can’t do that.”


‘It’s a red card’ – Former referee can’t believe Mings wasn’t sent off for Gakpo challenge

A former official has admitted Tyrone Mings was lucky to save himself with only a yellow card for his challenge against Cody Gakpo during the 1-1 draw with Aston Villa.

A tall boot from Mings struck Gakpo’s navel late in the first half in a challenge that drew clear studs on the striker.

Manager Jurgen Klopp said after the match he was “surprised” that the Villa defender received no further punishment from referee John Brooks following a VAR check and joked that the scars on Gakpo’s chest imitated the logo of a “very famous brand”.Mbappe

On Sky Sports News’ ‘Ref Watch’ show, former referee Dermot Gallagher gave his opinion on the incident when he indicated that Mings should walk.

Gallagher explained: “I think it’s a red card there. He is face to face, lift his shoe after playing the ball.

Former Liverpool defender Stephen Warnock then asked Gallagher if the marks on Gakpo’s chest provided enough evidence for the decision to be reviewed by the VAR. “The ref keeps all options until he starts again,” Gallagher continued.

“The referee can change his mind. He can get advice from the assistants, from the fourth official, he can ask the VAR: ‘Did I understand correctly?’

Fans might be pleasantly surprised to hear a former referee disagree with a decision made on the pitch due to replays, as players like Gallagher are often criticized for showing too much loyalty to their peers.

The crash was quickly investigated by the VAR at Stockley Park before the initial decision to grant Mings a booking was ultimately upheld.

Brooks also disallowed a gakpo goal in the second half when, on a rare occasion, the referee was sent to the on-field observer to determine if the goal was offside. Fans were rightfully confused as to how the goal shouldn’t have been, with Virgil van Dijk ultimately being the man who strayed into an offside position.

That was a decision Gallagher felt was correct: “By law, Gakpo’s goal shouldn’t have stood, the referees got it right. As written, referees are in trouble with it.

“If you look at this incident, the VAR cannot decide. He has to send the referee to the monitor because it has to be the referee’s decision and it has to be subjective. “It’s a very unfortunate part of the law that paralyzes officials.”

It was a result that all but ended Liverpool’s hopes of next season’s Champions League qualification, highlighting the potential significance of such decisions towards the end of the season.

The Reds travel to Southampton on Sunday for their final game of 2022/23, with the Europa League almost certainly next season’s destination.

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