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Ryan Gravenberch, two further transfers, and the new Jürgen Klopp system: How can Liverpool line up?



Ryan Gravenberch is one of the fascinating potential transfers that Liverpool is considering for this coming summer. He would undoubtedly meet Jürgen Klopp’s expectations.

This summer, Liverpool will have a lot of adjustments to make. ‘makeover’ is not a word that is frequently associated with the Reds (and it won’t be the same kind of makeover that, for example, Chelsea has recently undergone), but there will be a lot of differences by the time the 2019–2020 season begins.

This summer, Jürgen Klopp is anticipated to sign at least a few midfielders, but there are also other priorities that have surfaced. In the meanwhile, a handful of players will be traded (Nat Phillips is one such player who is in serious need of a move), and a few more will go at the conclusion of their contracts.

Future success will depend on players like Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk, but the midfield needs improvement, and many squad positions are open to alteration.

Mason Mount and Ryan Gravenberch are two players Liverpool are interested in. Jude Bellingham’s delivery must be made by someone else because FSG had to leave the Borussia Dortmund player behind for budgetary reasons.

Additionally, if Caoimhn Kelleher were to leave, a replacement for him would be required. In a similar vein, if any other bench player pushed for greater playing time, back-up options would also need to be changed.

In addition to all of that, it will be intriguing to see if the new system endures, Trent Alexander-Arnold being the most obvious, though by no means the only, beneficiary of the adjustments.

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On Monday Night Football, when asked if the system change was made to aid the defense or to free up Alexander-Arnold further up the field where he can be even more lethal, Klopp replied, “Both.”

Because we let too many counterattacks in previous games and dropped the ball at the wrong time, Klopp said, “We also need to be better protected.”

“Trent played a really nice game, but once again, the response was totally different when we lost the ball. Because we were so composed when handling the ball, we didn’t lose many balls.

“The goal we gave up is certainly the one we lost at the wrong time. While we can no longer defend in that circumstance, we must still be able to do so in all other circumstances. The formation works considerably better for us in that regard.

That would indicate that Liverpool would persist. A player like Mount would seem to make even more sense; it would be simple to see where he might slide into a more offensive-looking midfield. Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott would appear to be more suited to the new-look structure.

With fresh players joining the new system, how would Liverpool look? Alisson Becker and his first-choice back four will remain the same, although another center-back and goalkeeper may be needed (certainly if Jol Matip leaves a year before his contract expires).

The majority of the adjustments will be made in midfield. It would be simple to imagine Mount and Gravenberch taking up more advanced roles before Fabinho. It would also be beneficial to have a second defensive-minded midfielder to compete with Fabinho and cut down on the Brazilian’s playing time.

And even if Roberto Firmino is leaving for nothing, there are still five top-tier attackers to choose from in attack, with only Salah standing out as a clear first-choice selection. If Ben Doak does not go on loan, the other positions are up for grabs, and he will expect to see more senior action.

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