Rochdale FC's preferred bidders have made an offer to buy the club.
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Rochdale AFC

Rochdale FC’s preferred bidders have made an offer to buy the club.



Rochdale’s chosen bidders, the Ogden family have made an offer to buy the National League club and spend £2 million in it.

Following the completion of World Soccer Holdings’ exclusivity period, the family was announced as the preferred bidder.

World Soccer Holdings had announced their intention to purchase Dale in February.

Existing shareholder loans made by chairman Simon Gauge and Richard Knight will be converted into ordinary shares, according to the family’s request.

“Our primary ambition is that the club should achieve a financially sustainable position without needing to rely on footballing success,” the family said in a statement.

“To do this, the club will need to materially increase both matchday and non-matchday revenues, whilst maintaining a prudent and efficient cost base.”

Other ambitions include establishing “a new sports facility” for use by the first team and academy, as well as mounting a first-team budget appropriate for a promotion challenge next season.

Rochdale are 11th in the National League table with one game remaining in their first season away from the English Football League after being relegated previous season.

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