Peterborough United offer improved contracts to two star players
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Peterborough United offer improved contracts to two star players



In anticipation of rival clubs’ anticipated summer interest, Peterborough United has started to take steps to lock down its stars.

Kwame Poku and Hector Kyprianou have both received new contract offers from Peterborough United.

The players’ contracts with the team expire in 2025 and 2026, respectively, but following successful seasons, both have been extended.

Young defender Emmanuel Fernandez has also been offered a new deal.

The club’s retained list, which was released on Monday, also revealed that Posh are trying to tie down both Jed Steer and Josh Knight to new deals.

Both players’ current contracts are set to expire this summer.

Owner of Peterborough United, Darragh MacAnthony, stated on his Hard Truth podcast: “We’ve offered new contracts to Hector and Kwame, who are still young, and we feel like we need more time with us and to go again.”

“We still have a very strong team and, with Hector and Archie, the strongest midfield in League One, so there’s enough to be happy about. That provides a foundation upon which to develop.By hook or by crook, Kwame will be in the next year because nobody is currently willing to give him large sums of money. Sign a new contract or not—he’s only 24—we paid a high price for him, and we’ll receive the same amount for him in the upcoming season, so I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

Posh have also had to fight off offers for Head Physio Jon Chatfield.

Two clubs, one in the Championship and the other in League One, have activated his release clause although Posh have convinced him to remain at the club.

“We worked out a new deal and he agreed that he wanted to stay,” MacAnthony stated.In the past two years, he has completely transformed our medical department; I cannot say enough good things about him.

“I’ve already told the manager that I’d like to keep some of our personnel instead of adding one more player to our roster. Our team members are our greatest asset and the reason we do what we do.”

Posh has already ruled out a summer fire sale, but they do anticipate having to sell a few important assets this summer.

He continued, “There will be players leaving to go to some big clubs at the top because they deserve that chance, but it won’t be a lot of players,” in reference to the summer’s preparations.

“The ones that do leave will be sufficient to make up for our shortfall and the players we need to retool.”We’ve received clear messages from a few players that the teams that want them won’t allow us to hang onto them. We understand, but every club engages in this annually.

“Our cash hole staying down will be in the millions, going up it would be nearly negated. We need to do business in the transfer market, if we’d have gone up, I probably wouldn’t have needed to sell two or however many.

“It would probably just be one because Ronnie deserves his shot but even then, I even had a conversation with him a couple of weeks ago, what if we went up and I offered you a blockbuster contract, would you stay?

“We have a list, we know what we need to do to strengthen and we’re trying to go a little bit more and get the right fees to give us more strength in the squad.

“My job now is like a wizard, trying to make everything work.

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