Nottingham Forest board at 'war' over stadium deal.
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Nottingham Forest board at ‘war’ over stadium deal.



According to Football Insider, Nottingham Forest chiefs are split on whether to stay or leave the City Ground.

Forest has begun laying the groundwork for expansion plans to increase the capacity of the City Ground to nearly 40,000.

However, according to Football Insider, senior club officials are now willing to abandon their expansion ambitions and relocate to Toton to build a new stadium.

The club was unable to reach an arrangement with Nottingham City Council, who requested £250 million for a 250-year land lease at a rate of £1 million every season.

The council’s current idea is to sell the freehold of the City Ground for roughly £10 million, giving the club unlimited control over any expansion plans.

However, Forest have yet to respond to the offer, with several board members still favoring a long-term departure from the City Ground.

Nottingham Forest chiefs at ‘war’ over crucial stadium deal

According to Football Insider, the stadium choice has sparked a “civil war” at Forest, with club executives divided over whether to relocate or not.

Chairman Evangelos Marinakis recently told the Daily Mail: “In an age when revenue streams dictate success on the pitch, there’s no doubt that moving to a bigger facility will set the club on the right path.”

From the 2025-26 season onwards, top-tier clubs will be allowed to spend 85 percent of their revenue on wages, transfers, and agent fees.

The thought of abandoning the City Ground as a home site has sparked significant anger from the club’s following, with supporters protesting the plan during their most recent home game against Chelsea.

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