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Neymar boosted Liverpool and derailed competitors’ transfer strategies.



Liverpool is one of the few clubs that have benefited from the transfer market’s transformation brought about by Neymar’s 2017 switch from Barcelona to Paris-Saint-Germain.

Neymar boosted Liverpool and derailed competitors' transfer strategies

There will be plenty of memories for this generation of players and supporters to look back on when the dust settles in the upcoming years when Jurgen Klopp, Virgil van Dijk, and Mohamed Salah have all departed Anfield.

From Divock Origi’s silky left-foot swing at the Wanda Metropolitano to win the FA Cup, to Kostas Tsimikas’ icy penalty at Wembley, this season was one of the best the club has ever experienced. The supporters of the future will have plenty of stories to tell.

Liverpool have gotten used to success since their heartbreak in Kyiv after the 2018 Champions League final. Jordan Henderson has even become the first captain to win six different trophies after winning the elusive Club World Cup in the winter of 2019. Despite falling short of a remarkable quadruple in the final plays of the 2021/22 season, Klopp has led the Reds to six trophies during his time at the club.

Neymar boosted Liverpool and derailed competitors' transfer strategies

The two stalwarts Van Dijk and Alisson Becker are the two players who are frequently touted as the purchases that converted Liverpool from the nearly men to the bosses of European football, despite the obvious joint effort of everyone in Klopp’s ranks during a glittering four-year span.

From Billy Liddell’s heroics in the second division under Bill Shankly to Kenny Dalglish’s European dominance all the way up to Luis Suarez and Salah’s record-breaking Premier League performances, Anfield has seen it all. Liverpool has been home to some of the best strikers in the game for 130 years.


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