Morecambe captain demands owner's sale.
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Morecambe captain demands owner’s sale.



Morecambe skipper Farrend Rawson has urged owner Jason Whittingham to sell the club after the League Two team was docked three points.


The EFL removed the points on Thursday for failing to follow an agreed-upon judgment issued in August 2023 after the club failed to pay players on schedule.

Whittingham has been fined £10,000.

“My message would be, if your heart isn’t in it and it’s not making sense anymore, don’t hold on to it,” Rawson told BBC Radio Lancashire.

“He’s where he is because he’s done well, but make it simpler for someone to come in and give the lads a chance to improve and progress.

“On the pitch we’ve just fallen short but for the club to grow and sustain I think the owner needs to make the right decision.”

He went on to say, “You see that far too often in the Football League and above. Good clubs with a good fanbase and good people surrounding the venue suffer the most.

“If the appropriate decisions are not taken at the top, others will suffer as a result. Something has to happen for this team to take off or at least maintain its consistency.”

Whittingham and Colin Goldring, the club’s owners, put Morecambe up for sale in September 2022 and stood away from its board.

The points deduction pushed the Shrimps from 12th to 14th, effectively ending their fragile hopes of qualifying for the playoffs.

Rawson, a defender, said he had grown accustomed to off-field concerns during his nearly two years with Lancashire.

“Being honest I think it’s a shambles,” he told me.

“I’ve been at this club for about two years, and I don’t think we’ve gone six months without something happening.

“All I can say on behalf of myself, the lads, and the staff is that we are disappointed, upset, and annoyed. We’ve put our bodies on the line to try to do something unique this season, and folks up there have stolen it away from us.

“It should not be like this. It should not happen.”

Frustrated Shrimps look to stop Hatters promotion party

Morecambe face table-toppers Stockport County on Saturday, with a draw required to secure promotion to League One.

Rawson believes the encounter will galvanise the team as they try to finish the season strongly.

“We have a job to do, and we’re doing something we enjoy. The major issue is self-pride, and the supporters are not to blame. We shouldn’t be going out there and not trying because of what’s going on outside the club or at the top, which no one can control,” he added.

What a game. Obviously, they’ve performed admirably this season, and all credit to them. We’re headed there to end the party.

“One thing about these lads is that we’re fighters who will give it our all. If anything, having this game this weekend allows us to vent our frustrations.





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