Mohamed Salah significantly contributed $157,000 to the renovation of the Abu Sifin Coptic Orthodox church that got burnt | soccer4u
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Mohamed Salah significantly contributed $157,000 to the renovation of the Abu Sifin Coptic Orthodox church that got burnt



Three million Egyptian pounds ($157,000) have been donated by Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah to help rebuild and restore the Giza church that was destroyed by a deadly fire over the weekend.

A fire raged through Abu Sifin Coptic Church during Sunday mass, killing 41 people, including 18 children, and injuring 45 others.

Many worshipers and children perished in the stampede to escape the church because the flames and smoke blocked the only exit and entrance.

A mother, her three children, her sister, and their mother were all shown in one widely circulated online photograph as three generations of one family who perished in the deadly blaze.

Because Egyptian authorities have long disregarded calls to rebuild other churches in the nation, the debate over whether to rebuild the church has heated ul

Security forces detained nine Copts in March after they protested the government’s refusal to rebuild their church in El-Minya Governorate after it had burned down five years prior.

Amnesty International urged the authorities to free the detainees and grant them permission to exercise their religion in a group setting.

Amnesty has also stated that less than 40% of requests to build or repair churches since the law’s implementation have been granted, indicating that it is frequently used to prevent Christians from doing so.

In March 2018, Mohamed Salah donated 12 million Egyptian pounds ($627,000) to a nearby hospital in Egypt so they could buy a bone marrow transplant machine. Mohamed Salah is well known for his charitable contributions.

In order to aid in the fight against the coronavirus, Salah donated oxygen and an ambulance to his hometown of Gharbia in 2021.

The Liverpool striker has also donated to the National Cancer Institute in Cairo, which was destroyed by a car bomb, given grants to enable more black students to attend Cambridge University, and given away five acres of land for a waste treatment plant to supply the community with clean water.

After giving 6% of his wealth over three years, Salah was named the eighth most giving person in the UK in June of this year, according to the state-run Egypt Independent.


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