MLS are interested in signing 15-goals,13-assist Millwall Lad.
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MLS are interested in signing 15-goals,13-assist Millwall Lad.



Neil Harris, Millwall’s head coach, anticipates summer interest in Zian Flemming.

The 25-year-old attacker from Amsterdam was connected to the San Jose Earthquakes this week.

The MLS transfer window closed on Tuesday and won’t reopen until July 18.

Burnley made four bids for Flemming last summer, which would have set a new club record outgoing transfer cost, but the Lions rejected all of them.

The number 10 scored 15 goals in his first campaign in England and has 13 goal involvements this season, netting eight times.

“That’s the first I know about America,” Harris told the South London Press when asked about rumors that San Jose was a fan of Flemming.

“There was a lot of interest in Zian last summer, which was understandable given his season. He hasn’t quite reached such levels this year, but the team’s performance has been detrimental to several players.

“Zian is a fantastic guy and an extremely good lad at his level. He is an incredibly skilled professional.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with him so far and would like to continue working with him.

“However, I understand that a lot happens at a football team over time. As is customary at Millwall Football Club, we have sold players, purchased players, and rejected bids for players throughout my tenure.

“I anticipate interest in players over the summer, whether it’s for free transfers, player departures, or club acquisitions…”I am sure they will.

“I’m sure Zian will be one that gains interest.

“As always, for me, I find it really simple. What is best for the player, for sure, what is best for the team but, ultimately, what is best for the football club. The football club comes first – it always has done and always will do.”


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