Memphis News:Murder charges against the 17-year-old dropped
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Memphis News

Memphis News:Murder charges against the 17-year-old dropped



Officer Joseph McKinney of the Memphis Police Department (MPD) was killed by friendly fire, according to confirmation from the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

The DA’s office said on Wednesday that they have chosen not to press murder charges against the 17-year-old who was engaged in the shooting on Friday, April 12.

According to available information, Officer McKinney was killed by friendly fire, thus we have not moved further with a murder case at this time,” the district attorney’s office stated in a statement.

On April 12, McKinney was shot and murdered in Whitehaven during a shootout involving police. At around two in the morning, three cops were investigating a suspicious car near Horn Lake Road and Charter Road when two suspects opened fire on them. This led to McKinney’s death, the transport of one officer to Regional One Health, and the on-scene treatment of another officer who had been hit by a bullet.

The 17-year-old was admitted on Friday morning in critical condition, while the 18-year-old suspect passed away at the hospital.

Although the DA’s office based its determination on their “current information,” they maintained that McKinney’s death was still caused by the 17-year-old’s “reprehensible actions.”

“Be assured that we will pursue any legal avenue that becomes available for additional prosecution,” the DA’s office stated.

Soon after this information was made public, MPD Chief C.J. Davis issued a statement stating that the department “continues to mourn the death of Officer Joseph McKinney.”

According to the statement, “Officer McKinney was tragically shot and killed as a result of our officers responding to a very violent encounter.”

Support for McKinney’s family and the Memphis Police Department was expressed in the statement, “in honor of his valor.” In honor of McKinney, the department will hold a “Sea of Blue” on Sunday, April 21.


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