Major Everton stakeholder provides update on takeover, calls for. . .
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Major Everton stakeholder provides update on takeover, calls for Moshiri’s response.



According to The Esk, a key Everton shareholder has stated that the club’s behind-the-scenes personnel are working hard to resolve the continuing takeover concerns.

It was told that all of Sean Dyche’s and the players’ efforts to keep the team in the league would be futile unless “immediate action” was taken regarding the takeover.

Meanwhile, Farhad Moshiri has been encouraged to allow others to intervene and “rescue” the club by listening to and responding to the numerous concerns highlighted.

The Esk said on his blog [28 April]: “Without rapid action on the future of the club, apart from the experience, it will eventually be made worthless.

“There are, as one important player told me last week, people ‘working night and day for a solution’. There are others who are not in the public eye working as hard as Dyche and his squad to preserve our survival.

“Moshiri must offer those folks the chance to tackle our existential problems. He can partially redeem himself by granting capable, resourceful persons the authority to rescue us from his actions. One redeeming act in a period of utter craziness.

“The fanbase, the media and the footballing authorities need to know this and play our/their part in rescuing our great club. Moshiri needs to listen and respond.”

Farhad Moshiri urged to respond in Everton takeover update

Concrete updates on the development of 777 Partners’ takeover proposal have been few and far between since they were able to secure a deadline for repaying an outstanding loan to MSP Capital as required by the Premier League to finalize the transaction.

The repayment date was reportedly pushed back to the end of April or early May. As we enter the final week of April with no news, anxieties are once again rising.

This is not the first time The Esk has pushed Moshiri to interfere in the process, despite the numerous concerns highlighted about the 777 takeover attempt, but no action has been taken as of yet. The involvement of other stockholders may compel his hand.

With 777 scrambling to clear the final Premier League barriers before completing their takeover, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to provide the finances required, or if the club would be forced to consider alternative possibilities.

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