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Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals his favorite assist as he describes passing as an ‘art’



Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals his favorite assist as he describes passing as an ‘art’

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been in fine form on the assists front over the past few weeks and touched on some of his all-time favorites in a recent video.

The 24-year-old had registered just two league assists in his first 29 games of the season, but a recent change in position has resulted in a six-in-five streak.

It was the second time in his career that he appeared in five consecutive Premier League games, becoming the first player in the competition’s history to do so twice.

In a recent Premier League video, Alexander-Arnold shared some of his best assists for the club and spoke to viewers about his thought journey during each one.

“It’s crazy how many things you can process in a split second and you can almost get a sense of where they’re going to be,” Alexander-Arnold explained when looking back at some of his most memorable contributions. . “I consider passing to be an art, so I take pride in doing it well.”

Clips shown included crosses for Roberto Firmino in both the 4-0 Boxing Day win at Leicester in 2019 and the 5-3 win over Chelsea later in the campaign as the Reds won the title at Anfield.

Alexander-Arnold also enjoyed a “rare left-footed assist” against Brentford earlier this season, as well as another for Firmino against Arsenal last month.

In the same interview, Alexander-Arnold revealed his favorite Liverpool assist, describing it as a “special” moment for him and the club.

“My favorite would be Alis [against West Brom in 2021], I think technically it’s the easiest because it’s a corner but the importance is crazy,” said the right-back.

“I think it’s so understated and it goes unnoticed how important that goal was for us.”

Alexander-Arnold has racked up a total of 70 assists in all competitions since joining the team in 2016 aged 18. He currently has 53 assists to his credit in the Premier League, the same total as Leighton Baines, and many years ahead of him to track Ryan Giggs’ record of 163.


How Liverpool can beat Newcastle or Man United in goal differential to qualify for the Champions League

Liverpool still have a chance to finish in the top four and book a place in the Champions League. Goal difference can still hamper Manchester United or Newcastle.

There are no two ways left. Liverpool are still banking on favorites to enter the Champions League, with Newcastle United and Manchester United still top despite having played one game fewer than Jurgen Klopp’s side.

The frustration for Klopp is that if Liverpool had started their revival even a game earlier, the picture would be very different. Even three more wins to finish the season with nine would put his side just below the Premier League average for a top four finish.

That said, a total of 71 has been enough to qualify for the Champions League in each of the last five seasons. And it’s not just middle school that gives Liverpool hope. With Newcastle and Manchester United both losing this weekend, the picture looks considerably brighter.

There was already some excitement at the thought that the 7-0 defeat of Manchester United could be decisive in stealing a place in the top four. As things stand, two draws would leave Erik Ten Hag’s side vulnerable – even without losing a game by the end of the season, that would be enough to reduce the maximum tally to 71. Currently, Liverpool are superior of 17 on goal difference, meaning he would claim the place with three more wins.

However, what has been less discussed is the potential to usurp Newcastle on goal difference as well. With the remaining fixtures tougher compared to Manchester United, this has to be seen as a legitimate possibility. It would take two defeats instead of two draws, but it would give the same scenario: 71 max. The prospect of a few defeats is certainly realistic when it comes to battling Brighton and Chelsea and Leicester and Leeds against relegation. And that might be enough for Liverpool.

Currently, Newcastle have a seven-goal advantage. But clearly, if it lost twice, that would mean two reductions of at least one goal. Given that Liverpool would also need to win, that’s already a minimum swing of four goals, closing the gap to just three.
Factor in the fact that Newcastle have often won narrowly this season while Liverpool have suffered a few mishaps and the potential for Klopp’s side to develop the necessary momentum is clear. The final game against a most likely already relegated Southampton could prove crucial. Of course, the hard lesson of 2013/14 will not have been forgotten by any Liverpool supporter. Klopp will be well aware that he cannot start thinking about the difference in door, with attention simply on continuing to accumulate victories. But nickling through this method seems to be an increasingly plausible result, both vulnerable with the Newcastle that Manchester United.

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