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Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold gets last laugh as bizarre moment unfolds during Liverpool game



A look back at some missed moments from Liverpool’s 3-2 win over Nottingham Forest

Liverpool went four games unbeaten in the Premier League with a nervy 3-2 win over Nottingham Forest on Saturday afternoon.

Neco Williams and Morgan Gibbs-White canceled out two Diogo Jota goals at Anfield before Mohamed Salah scored the decisive goal in a match fought until the final whistle.

But of course you knew all this. However, what you may have missed was a number of interesting subplots at Anfield on Saturday afternoon…

Busy day for the former Red

It was a memorable day for Neco Williams, even if the result wasn’t exactly the best for the ex-Liverpool defender. The Welsh international moved from Anfield to the City Ground in a £17m summer transfer and was heavily involved during his return to the pitch where he made his Premier League debut.

His goal helped make it 1-1 that day and his overall performance serenaded him with some songs designed to sting both the home side and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“You’re a fucking Neco Williams!” claimed the end of the woods at one point during the match when Alexander-Arnold tried to cut down the visitors’ defence. “Oh Neco Williams, he left because you suck!” was another after the right-back equalized in the second half.

The player himself was rather respectful of his former club, refusing to celebrate the goal before having a long chat with his ex-manager Jurgen Klopp in the tunnel after the match, one of which was how he likes his again found an environment in the city of Nottingham.

Williams was then greeted by the man who helped broker his move to Forest in Liverpool sporting director Julian Ward as he chatted with former team-mate Harvey Elliott in the mixed zone at Anfield. Truly a busy day.


As the players headed into the second half, they returned to the pitch to the sound of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, as is customary at Anfield.

Only this time someone forgot to turn the music off when the whistle blew, leading to the somewhat surreal prospect of Premier League football being played to the tune of the 1975 outing.

It added a humorous yet bizarre feel to things as Liverpool briefly tried to break down the Forest defence to the backdrop of the dramatic rock hit from nearly 40 years ago. Mercifully it didn’t last long before the song was cut off.

Forest fans enjoying their day

With Nottingham Forest away from Anfield since October 1998, the Nottingham Forest touring group were determined to enjoy their day no matter what happened on the pitch.

Morgan Gibbs-White’s goal to make it 2-2 sparked those at Anfield who mocked Liverpool.

With just five goals in 15 away games before jumping into the L4 – a record which was the worst of the four leagues – Forest supporters were aiming: “You must be damned!” We scored two away goals.

Bravo for the creativity, but it was those of the Kop who had the last word thanks to the winner of Salah, assisted by Alexander-Arnold.

Diaz applauds the crowd

As Liverpool tried to end the game in the dying seconds, Luis Diaz had to take the lead.

On his first appearance at Anfield in over six months, the Colombian’s cameo was a lively one and it was him who did the most to keep the ball away from where Forest wanted it in the closing seconds as he carried it from the corner flag towards the edge of the box and back again before he was eventually fouled.

After rising to his feet with a few minutes left on the clock, Diaz could be seen visibly attempting to fire up the Anfield crowd, which they instantly responded to to help see the game out.


Sadio Mane back to Liverpool: Every word Mane has said on Reds with Bayern to ‘axe star’

Although Sadio Mane only joined Bayern Munich at the start of the season, he could take another step this summer.

Due to a disappointing season and worries off the pitch, Sadio Mane’s future at Bayern Munich is in doubt. In a moment of madness that summed up his woes perfectly, the winger was recently fined £250,000 by the club for beating team-mate Leroy Sane after the 3-0 loss to Manchester City.

The Senegal international’s status has undoubtedly been made known to many teams and it has been suggested that he will be ‘given up’ with a return to Liverpool speculatively suggested as an option for the winger. Even though the Reds are planning a major overhaul this summer, the return of a familiar face could provide a temporary solution at Anfield.

However, Mane may be reluctant to go the same route again after turning down offers to extend his contract on Merseyside to force a transfer. Express Sport are investigating what the former Southampton player has said about Liverpool since leaving the club.
You will come back.

The possibility of Liverpool fighting for the prizes is a distant thought at this stage given their struggles this season. However, Mane is confident the team will recover, telling Bild: “Liverpool will be back.” They’ll get through it, I’m sure. Despite his many complaints and tough tests, Jurgen Klopp is undoubtedly the perfect coach.

The players love him so he will lead Liverpool up the ladder from this season.

Mane expressed his willingness to return to Anfield in a farewell interview with Liverpool, which drew mixed reactions from fans. However, he made it clear that he would return as a supporter rather than a player. “Obviously I had a really good time there, and they, wow,” she said. I think playing at Anfield usually gives you so much influence because of the fans. Either way, I adore you and will no doubt miss you.

“I still have my home in Liverpool and all, so of course I’ll be back. I’d love to go back to Anfield one day and say hello to them and of course watch Liverpool play because to me I’ll be the biggest fan to come from Liverpool – after the fans!”

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