Liverpool once more benefited from Barcelona's financial crisis by acquiring a game-changing £37 million move. | soccer4u
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Liverpool once more benefited from Barcelona’s financial crisis by acquiring a game-changing £37 million move.



Barcelona missed out on a transfer opportunity in January due to their tumultuous financial circumstances, and Liverpool took advantage. The outcome already seems revolutionary.

Liverpool once more benefited from Barcelona's financial crisis by acquiring a game-changing £37 million

Since his high-profile transfer from FC Porto in late January, Luis Dáz has been a resounding success. Although it was generally believed that Liverpool wouldn’t make any significant additions in the winter, the Colombian winger joined in the closing hours of the transfer window, seemingly out of the blue.

Due to his preference for working with players during preseason, Jürgen Klopp typically avoids signing players for significant sums of money in January. The team had to react quickly, though, and raced in to sign the 25-year-old as Tottenham were getting ready to move in on the winger.

In the last three months of the season, Dáz was arguably one of Liverpool’s best players. He got off to a fast start. Due to his influence, Dáz actually played as if he had been at Liverpool for years. He easily adapted to Klopp’s 4-3-3 formation on the left side and terrorized rival defenders with his speed, tenacity, and pushing.

But everything may have turned out quite differently.

Liverpool once more benefited from Barcelona's financial crisis by acquiring a game-changing £37 millionto

The club’s financial predicament and the stringent financial fair play (FFP) requirements imposed on them by La Liga, according to a report in Spain, prevented Barcelona from signing Dáz in January.

Ultimately, Barcelona spent £55 million to recruit Ferran Torres, which is more than what Liverpool ultimately paid for Daz, even after add-ons. Only £37 million was paid at signing.

However, Liverpool ultimately benefited from Barcelona’s loss. Their man had vanished within the time they took to have their ducks in a row. Torres may eventually succeed for Barcelona, but he hasn’t made the same type of impression on Catalonia as the Colombian has in the Premier League.

It demonstrates one more how Barcelona’s insanity over the past few years still hampers the team today.

Unquestionably, Dáz’s presence in Liverpool gave the forward line the spark it eventually lacked. His acquisition very certainly contributed to the club’s success in the second half of 2021–2022, and rival defenders were unsure how to manage him. The next two were trophies.

It will be interesting to watch what Daz accomplishes next season with a full preseason, which will occur this summer. Klopp made light of the fact that he had trouble communicating with Dáz during the previous campaign, choosing instead to let him handle himself on the pitch.

Daz might have formed a trident with Robert Lewandowski and Raphinha, two players who Barcelona recently signed and who could only have done so through hazardous financial maneuvers including substantial sales of future TV income. However, the Catalans were unable to sign one of the game’s most effective wingers due to their chaotic financial situation.

At this point, it is impossible to know how Dáz would have done in Spain, but he is a perfect fit for Liverpool. Fans can anticipate much more from the dynamic Colombian as a brand-new season draws near. He has the potential to truly transform the game.


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