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Liverpool is linked with interest in 18yrs old Barcelona wonderkid Gavi



Liverpool wants Gavi, and they might feel encouraged by the fact that the Barcelona star appears to be annoyed by the team’s pursuit of Manchester City star Bernardo Silva.

Liverpool is linked with interest in 18yrs old Barcelona

Barcelona’s shopping spree has garnered more attention than any other transfer story this summer.

Financially struggling Barca still owes players postponed wages, and they are unable to even register their new recruits.

That hasn’t stopped them from winning lucrative contracts like Jules Koude, Robert Lewandowski, and Raphinha.

As they pursue a move for Bernardo Silva, Barcelona has another high-profile target in mind, although bringing the Manchester City star aboard could irritate some.

Frenkie de Jong isn’t eager to leave until he receives his deferred salary, which is more than understandable, but it appears like Barca must sell him before they can pursue Silva.

Barcelona is still aggressively after Silva, so they may need to exercise caution.

The Barcelona wonderkid Gavi has informed the team that he won’t renew his contract if they sign Silva, according to Catalan news outlet Beteve.

Gavi apparently declined one contract offer earlier and stated that he would leave if Silva joined the team.

With only one year remaining on his Barcelona contract, Gavi is unwilling to negotiate a long-term agreement and will likely fall behind Silva in the lineup as a result.

Liverpool is linked with interest in 18yrs old Barcelona

Dinamo Kiev vs. FC Barcelona in Group E of the UEFA Champions League
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Alongside Pedri, the 18-year-old midfielder is regarded as the future of Barcelona’s midfield after starting 28 games last season.

However, to paraphrase LeBron James, if Barcelona wants to find a proven player to fill his position, Gavi will take his talents elsewhere.

Given that Beteve claimed in June that Liverpool was interested in signing Gavi and would pay him a “star wage” at Anfield, it would appear that they are paying careful attention.

Back then, it seemed like staying with Barcelona was more important, but now, Gavi seems more willing than ever to leave.

Given the current rivalry between the two clubs, it would be ironic if the departure of a Manchester City player brought a wonderkid closer to Liverpool.

Although this dispute will probably continue for some time, Liverpool will be closely monitoring Gavi’s status at the Camp Nou.


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