liverpool is going to see a significant darwin Nunez transfer benefit, according to sadio mané. | soccer4u
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liverpool is going to see a significant darwin Nunez transfer benefit, according to sadio mané.




The choice for Liverpool to replace Sadio Mané (about £35 million) with Darwin Néz (perhaps up to £85 million) in their roster was partially driven by money, despite the fact that the transfer fees could end up being around £50 million apart, including add-ons.

"Given that they represent one of the top clubs in the world, they have lofty goals. It's always an easy decision if you have a club competing for everything because I genuinely want to win cups and the Champions League." It is difficult to see the move as anything other than advantageous for Liverpool and Mané as they both work to reach their next goals. Sometimes it is best to make the difficult choice to move on before things get boring.

Mané only had one more year left on his contract, and even if Liverpool had been able to persuade him to stay, he would have demanded a pay hike equivalent to that of Mohamed Salah, while Nez joins the team on somewhat less favorable conditions.

The £17 million trade of Takumi Minamino to AS Monaco will help close the gap until the Liverpool offense breaks even on transfer prices, but the major savings are in the labor costs.

Mané always meant to leave, regardless of whether Liverpool wanted him to stay or not. He even informed Jürgen Klopp of his plans a year before he left, giving the Reds plenty of time to prepare.

Mané told BBC Sport Africa this week, “I took my decision to depart last year because I need a fresh challenge in my life. “It was the appropriate time for me. One year ago, I spoke with Klopp and expressed my intention to depart.

“If you read my biography, you will see that I come from a tiny town. Because of this, I have always wanted to challenge myself. I played in the Premier League for eight years, including six incredibly amazing years with Liverpool, and I can claim that we won practically everything.”

Mané simply wanted to give something fresh a shot. That makes a great deal of sense after spending a lot of time in England. He might want to relocate to Spain or Italy in a few years in order to further broaden his horizons and advance his career.

Having lived in Liverpool for six years, Mané was ready for a new challenge and a new beginning. Under Klopp, Liverpool needed to advance and take initiative in their pursuit of a higher level. They are hopeful that Néez and newly acquired Luis Dáz can do that.



Mané said, obviously enthusiastic at the possibility of beginning anew with a new club and a new life in a foreign nation, “When Bayern Munich came to me and I saw the project, I was so, so passionate about it.


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