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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp uses Kylian Mbappe example in hint at Jude Bellingham transfer decision



Jurgen Klopp has responded to questions about reports that Liverpool have ended their hunt for Jude Bellingham by stressing the importance of ‘guarantees’ when buying players.

Fans were disappointed to learn that local journalists earlier this week expressed reluctance over hopes of signing the Dortmund midfielder, with many understandably questioning the timing of the stories.

The midfield is an area the Reds will no doubt strengthen this summer and Bellingham looked like the perfect fit to end years of speculation.

During Friday’s extended press conference, the manager hinted that a lack of “guarantees” plays a part in the club continuing to prosecute certain players.

“Guarantees are important. If we try, will we get it? It’s important,” the boss said.

“If you focus too much on something you could get, theoretically everything else in the market could disappear.”

Although there is no direct mention of Bellingham, the implication certainly seems to be that Liverpool are focusing on securing goals sooner rather than later this summer.

The German went so far as to use alleged former target Kylian Mbappe as an example of the void that can be left by missing a target towards the end of the negotiation process.

Klopp explained: “You can’t fight for Kylian Mbappe from now on and say ‘he’s the attacking player we want’ and then find out he ends up going to Real Madrid or staying at PSG. For example.

“Prices, maybe you know, maybe you don’t, and prices change over time, we just need to be sure.

“We have to make these decisions for the team, for the club. We can’t dream and be angry if we don’t get this or that.”

The insinuation appears to be that Liverpool are unwilling to compromise progress with alternatives unless they receive signals that a move towards the primary goal is achievable.

“It is a normal situation. You are interested in a player, think about the player and see if it is possible” Klopp continued.

This attitude seems to go some way to explaining reports that Liverpool have dropped out of talks, but it doesn’t necessarily take away from the huge amount of work that will still be needed if the Reds opt to sign several new midfielders.

Klopp will look to start his summer rebuild as soon as possible to have a full pre-season with new and existing players as he looks to change his fortune next season.

How the club fills midfield in the transfer window remains to be seen, but Friday’s statements could raise more questions than answers for fans.


Trent Alexander-Arnold has accidentally created a new Thiago Alcantara selection dilemma for Jurgen Klopp 

Trent Alexander-Arnold is the key cog in Liverpool’s revamped 3-2-5 but the line-up could mean random problems for Thiago Alcântara.

Liverpool showed new form against Arsenal last weekend, with Jürgen Klopp looking to add new rotations to his usual 4-3-3 system. Little has changed in the Reds’ behavior on the defensive end of the game, but the players formed an unorthodox 3-2-5 on the ball.

Alexander-Arnold started the shift, when he was asked to move into central midfield from his usual right-back spot to play alongside Fabinho, while Andy Robertson moved from left-back to form a back three alongside Virgil van Dike and Ibrahima Konate.

As a result of Alexander-Arnold and Fabinho making impromptu midfield runs twice at times, their deeper positioning allowed Klopp’s two number eights – Jordan Henderson and Curtis Jones – to step onto the pitch. Both have basically been tasked with playing as attacking midfielders, which is a pretty drastic change from what they used to do and could disrupt Thiago Alcântara’s game once he’s back in full swing. form.

The Spain international recently returned after spending months on the sidelines and Klopp is more than happy to have him available. In his Friday morning press conference ahead of the game against Leeds United, the German manager said: “He’s super important, he’s been out for a long time too. He can demand pace, as we all know. That’s a top player and we are happy to have him back.”

In fact, the Italian-born conductor is one of the best at dictating the game on the pitch. He is the controller of Liverpool in many ways and in recent years he has been given a midfield role which has allowed him to become such an authoritative presence in red.

Thiago is usually deployed as Klopp’s left number eight and when in that role he mostly stays in the central third of the pitch, helping his defensive teammates when it comes to getting stronger from behind and also finding Mohamed Salah like-minded with penetrating passes. the last third.

It’s fair to suggest that Thiago is Anfield’s best midfielder at the moment, but the recent move to a 3-2-5 formation could have a major impact on his role and could present Klopp with a tricky conundrum.

Liverpool adopted a new 3-2-5 pattern on Sunday afternoon when in possession against Arsenal (Image: Premier League)

Number eight in that 3-2-5 formation, Thiago was expected to move up the ranks, as Jones and Henderson did against Arsenal last weekend, with Alexander-Arnold and Fabinho behind him. The 32-year-old certainly has the technical quality to perform further down the pitch but may not be maximizing his strengths.

Rather than go deeper and help Liverpool build their game by gaining a foothold and controlling the game, Thiago was expected to perform in the final third, around forwards such as Salah, Cody Gakpo, Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez.

The former Bayern Munich and Barcelona midfielder is a special talent, but he’s not the kind of player who scores goals and assists, and he admitted as much in a recent interview with Walk On magazine, according to ECHO. “For the best players in the world – and I don’t have that – it’s about trying to score 40 goals a season,” he said. ball 30 meters in front of me. Sometimes I envy him.

Thiago is gifted enough to still deserve to be included, but in Liverpool’s new 3-2-5 formation he should certainly not feature as part of the attacking five bench. He naturally seems more suited to the demands of the two, but if he wants to play there Fabinho should probably be left on the bench.

Some supporters would argue that it’s a relatively nice problem for Klopp – as he suggests he has options on Merseyside – but it’s a problem nonetheless. With Leeds United hosting the Reds this weekend, it will be interesting to see if Liverpool stick to the new deal.

“We have to see who fits in other games, sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t,” Klopp said when asked about the 3-2-5 in his pre-game press conference. If Thiago starts, he’s likely hoping for Liverpool’s popular 4-3-3 comeback.


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