Leaked comments from Cristiano Ronaldo during training put an end to the Man Utd debate. | soccer4u
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Leaked comments from Cristiano Ronaldo during training put an end to the Man Utd debate.



If Hag had any doubts about Ronaldo’s readiness to start United’s opening match of the year, his response to criticism has dispelled them.

Leaked comments from Cristiano Ronaldo during training put an end to the Man Utd debate.

The fact that there is even a discussion about Ronaldo’s starting lineup for United demonstrates how turbulent the past three months have been. Few people could have predicted at the conclusion of the last campaign that the 37-year-future old’s would become one of the most contentious issues in world football.

But regrettably, his efforts to make a transfer away from Old Trafford have not only interfered with his personal preseason but also thrown a pall over the period for the entire team. Hag gave Ronaldo permission to miss United’s summer tour of Australia and Asia, and since since, he has gradually brought him back into the fold.

Ronaldo has only played for 45 minutes since leaving for the summer, but news focused more on his departure from Old Trafford than anything he accomplished on the field.

Ten Hag called the early departure of certain players “awful” but chose not to mention his talisman by name. But if the Dutchman mistakenly believed that his most prominent player wouldn’t be the target of the backlash, it was his first sign of naiveté.

The new United manager has frequently vowed to “stay to the plan” and stressed that keeping Ronaldo at the team past September was always in the original plan. He may not have anticipated introducing the seasoned striker after such a chaotic time of practice.

However, Ten Hag’s choices for a replacement against Brighton are limited after Anthony Martial withdrew due to an injury sustained in training. He might still decide to bench Ronaldo, waiting to make a move against fatigued legs.

That, meanwhile, would go against the player’s preferences, who has made it clear that he is healthy, content, and ready to go. In an exclusive report from Mirror Football, Ronaldo said Hag that he is in excellent shape and that he has been “fire” in training in the days running up to their match against the Seagulls.

Although Ronaldo’s attitude has been called into question recently, Carrington sources claim that he has been at his best in training, supporting Hag’s own account of what happened.

“How do I feel about Ronaldo starting the season? I’m overjoyed, remarked Hag. “I already told you that we planned the season with him. We have a really good striker, and I’m glad to have him here.

Ronaldo may have responded on the Carrington training fields, but Gary Neville, a former teammate and Sky Sports analyst, has urged him to appear in front of the cameras, so he may need to prepare some additional responses.

He has the greatest amount of experience; would it be unreasonable to want him to participate in an interview to explain himself and his thoughts? On Friday night, Neville said.

Would asking a senior player that much be unreasonable? Is he postponing interviews for the upcoming three weeks or for Sunday’s game?”We’re going to invite him to come up, stand up, and do the interview without letting anyone else speak on his behalf. That, in my opinion, is the item that would be a stat. I’m disappointed because we don’t have enough clarification.


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