Labour to put forward new leader to head North Herts Council
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Labour to put forward new leader to head North Herts Council



The newly elected leader of the North Herts Labour Group will now also be nominated for the position of leader of the North Herts Council.
At a meeting on May 23, Cllr Daniel Allen, who has been named by the party as its new group leader, will now be put up as a candidate for North Herts Council leader.
The deputy head of the group is Cllr. Val Bryant.
“Thank you to everyone who put their trust in their local Labour teams last week, and helped us achieve such a brilliant result,” said Mayor Allen.

“I am honoured to have earned my colleagues’ support to lead Labour as the largest group on North Herts council.

“To ensure North Herts residents get the effective, ambitious council they deserve, I am laying out my three key missions as leader.

“Firstly, I will work to deliver the promises made in our manifesto. As the only party to offer a fully-costed plan, Labour won the most votes and councillors in the election, and I am committed to repaying residents’ trust.

“Secondly, I’ll keep working on the Churchgate project.” A more lively, entertaining, and sustainable town center will be created with the support of prudent investment in this region, which will also serve as a priceless community asset for future generations.

Lastly, I’ll see to it that locals are informed, involved, and updated on the job their council is undertaking. The citizens are the beneficiaries of everything the council does, and I am committed to ensuring that we are open, honest, and involved with everyone.”
“I am immensely proud of the progress the Labour group and North Herts Council has made over the last few years,” said Cllr Elizabeth Dennis, the departing group leader and council leader, in reference to Cllr Allen.

“Since taking over from a chaotic Tory administration in 2019, Labour has put residents first, and earned their trust at each election as a result.””We have become a council that takes its place on the regional stage, with fantastic work being done by our officers collaboratively with partners across the country, that will deliver for people locally,” the statement reads. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside fellow Labour councillors on behalf of our residents across the district, to deliver on the manifesto they endorsed.” Despite 14 years of budget cuts from successive governments, we have protected public services, meeting residents’ top priorities.

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