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Jurgen Klopp want  Mohamed Salah to stay at Anfield to play for Liverpool in the Europa League



Jurgen Klopp insists Mohamed Salah has no chance of pushing for the exit despite Liverpool’s failure to qualify for the Champions League.

He also doesn’t think any player will turn away from Europa League football.

After his fifth-place finish was confirmed on Thursday night, Salah took to social media to express his frustration at not finishing in the top four and apologized to the fans.

It prompted questions during Klopp’s lengthy press conference the following day if he considered Salah wanting a move to a Champions League club.

The German not only insisted that wasn’t the case with Salah, but also stressed that if it was, he would send any departing player to another club. “I’ve only heard what [he wrote on Twitter], I haven’t heard anything that could lead in that direction,” Klopp told reporters.

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“Mo loves being here — and Mo was a part of [this season].

“She said ‘sorry about what we did’ not ‘sorry about what the other guys did but I had to go with them’. Not at all. It’s okay. “If a player ever came to me and said, ‘Oh, we haven’t qualified for the Champions League, I have to go’, I would take him to the other club.

“Take the key, get in the car, ‘Where are you going?’ I will drive you.

“Because it would be something I could never understand.

“I would say, ‘Well, we didn’t qualify for the Champions League, I have to work in the Champions League, so I’m going’ – I’m responsible for that!”

“You can’t leave at such times. That’s not the case with Mo, not at all, and no one else told me [they wanted to leave].

“They asked me if they could go on vacation for an extra day or something, but nobody asked me if they should come back after the vacation.

“That hasn’t come up in our conversations.”

Salah signed a new three-year deal with Liverpool in a quadruple push last season, becoming the club’s record earning £350,000 a week.

It’s unlikely he’ll be short of suitors if he ever wants to make the move, but as Klopp said his words after losing the Champions League were a vow to improve as a collective.


Liverpool FC might have got Champions League through boss Pep Guardiola plan if Jürgen Klopp realized it sooner


Liverpool will not play in the Champions League next season, and part of the reason is because Jürgen Klopp took too long to adopt his new 3-2-5 formation.

Liverpool have been through quite a shocking campaign in Merseyside. It was confirmed on Thursday night that Jürgen Klopp’s men will finish fifth in the Premier League this season, meaning the Reds will play in the Europa League rather than the Champions League next season.

Mohamed Salah took to social media after the news was confirmed, with the Egyptian understandably deflated. “Absolutely devastated,” he tweeted. “There is absolutely no excuse for that. We had everything we needed to get into the Champions League next year and we failed. We are Liverpool and qualifying for the competition is the bare minimum. I I’m sorry, but it’s too early for a positive or optimistic statement.” Post We’ve let you and ourselves down.

Klopp tried to turn the tide several times during the season, trying a whole range of different tactical experiments to change Liverpool’s fortunes. He tried many different solutions, but the one that finally worked came too late, with the Reds boss suffering a rare bad season by his high standards.

His first change came in October, with the German coach adopting a 4-4-2 formation to help notably Trent Alexander-Arnold. “The way we defended mostly suits Trent, but if we’re not tuned well then we’re exposed in these positions because we usually want him to press high,” Klopp said at the time. “We came up with a different solution for that so he could defend himself in a different room. We had a different defensive structure.”

Little changed in results, however, and not long after, Diogo Jota and Luis Díaz picked up injuries, forcing Klopp to test the 4-4-2 with a tight diamond in midfield. Performances were once again unimproved, with the return of the 4-3-3 at Anfield after the World Cup.

Klopp kept playing with different ideas. New signing Darwin Núñez has been introduced on the wings, Cody Gakpo has arrived as a mid-season transfer fix and the Liverpool manager has even ditched his signature high pressure in favor of a sort of more conservative centre-block, with the intend to keep the Reds compact as a unit in defense.

After 28 matches of the Premier League campaign — with his team ranked eighth in the table and with just 10 matches remaining — Klopp finally hit upon his eureka moment. Liverpool was scheduled to host Arsenal at Anfield, with 3-2-5 introduced as a shape for the Reds to use whenever possession was secured.

It was the same shape that has been used by Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal — who are now ranked first and second — for most of the season. Alexander-Arnold was presented with a new lease of life as an inverted full-back who was encouraged to drift into the middle of the pitch to play next to Fabinho whenever Liverpool had the ball under control.

Curtis Jones was instructed to play further forward, Andy Robertson was required to tuck inside as a third center-back, and Salah was empowered to pose a threat without support on the right side of the pitch, with Alexander-Arnold no longer occupying the wide areas.

Since the change, Liverpool are unbeaten in nine games, seven of which they won. After the tactical adjustment a race for a top four place was born but the Reds just needed too much time to get going with Manchester United and Newcastle United proving too far behind to start in just 10 games.

Klopp has definitely tried this season, but he was too late to the party. It remains to be seen where the Reds would be if the 3-2-5 formation had been adopted earlier, but it’s fair to suggest that Liverpool would at least have something to play for heading into this weekend’s finals.

Instead, Klopp is about to make a slew of changes because everything has already been decided. “Normally I don’t play a final where there’s nothing at stake,” he said during the pre-match press conference on Friday morning. It could have been different.


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