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Jürgen Klopp reacts to Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal.



Liverpool rallied from a two-goal deficit to draw 2-2 with Arsenal at Anfield, and Jürgen Klopp believes his team made progress in that regard.

SJürgen Klopp reacts to Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal.unday’s action-packed Premier League match resulted in a point for the Reds thanks to a header from Roberto Firmino in the 87th minute.Jürgen Klopp reacts to Liverpool’s 2-2 draw with Arsenal.

Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus had given the visitors a half-time advantage, which Mohamed Salah had cut in half. However, the Egyptian missed a subsequent penalty kick, squandering the opportunity to tie the score.

After Firmino’s goal, Liverpool made a strong effort to get a late winner, but two outstanding saves from Aaron Ramsdale ensured a tense encounter ended all square.

The response was excellent, of course. Being down 2-0 is not cool. I would describe the first goal as being rather unlucky; Robbo slips, they get inside, and then it’s two rebounds; I’ll have to watch it again, but that’s how I initially perceived it. Martinelli ultimately succeeds in stepping on it. The result is 1-0. The 2-0 result occurred in a circumstance that we shouldn’t have encountered too frequently: not the cross and the inbound ball, but rather the fact that the ball arrived there without a challenge from us first. Since that was a huge topic all the time, we required a stronger last line for that.We must proceed regardless of how uncomfortable it feels because of the threat posed by Saka and Martinelli, who are on the wings. When we started to become more unified, line higher, midfield closer, and front three together, it became more difficult. When we finally obtained that, our performance in the game improved. It was a slightly unusual set up that the players had to get used to in order to do that. In terms of possession, it was OK, but there were a lot of long balls because we may not have moved enough in key places.

The boys had to adjust to a somewhat different setup to get it. Long balls, though, are not a problem since we can try for second balls, and we had a couple good ones where we could get more. Before we scored, we had opportunities—good ones, to be honest—but we didn’t take advantage of them.

The goal that follows is the most helpful in football because it makes it 2-1 before halftime, and I think everyone believes we can turn this game around at that point. That is what we actually accomplished in terms of performance and results. How could we lose this game? was the thought that crossed my mind when I entered the building following the game, but we didn’t. That’s fine; it’s just a point. I would say it’s another step in the right way. It was the first time in a very long time that we responded well and did not disintegrate.

With all that has previously occurred this year, including the 1-0, 2-0, and subsequent possibility for a 3-0 score, that could have happened, but it didn’t because we looked superior. We appeared more prepared to respond in these situations. That’s what we did, and given the opportunities we had in the second half, we should have absolutely turned the game around. A point or less is acceptable.

The two things we need are consistency and confidence, therefore why don’t you have confidence? We don’t experience enough happy moments, and when we do, we either fail to capitalize on them or misinterpret them; this is true in both life and football. We experience these ups and downs throughout the season and during games.

We haven’t experienced it in six or seven years, but we have this year, so it is evident that this is the circumstance we are in. Although it’s not cool and it’s not what we wanted, we go through this and, as I mentioned before the game, things don’t get resolved overnight. Obviously, that is what we discovered. Of course, it’s difficult to grasp when we had a typical, imperfect start to the season and then defeated Bournemouth 9-0. Not that we were utterly inconsistent the following game, but we didn’t capitalize on that because we expected to score in almost every circumstance.

After losing 7-0 to [Manchester] United, we played Bournemouth the following week. We were down 1-0, but we had the opportunity to tie the score at that point. Instead, we failed to do so, and it seems as though we are constantly attempting to catch up with ourselves. Therefore, a lot of things happened this year. Each one has an explanation, but generally speaking, we lack what I mentioned.

And today, that’s why it’s so crucial; this is not something we do now and then go home and keep our arms up; rather, we assisted in fostering a positive atmosphere in the stadium, and the fans were outstanding, especially in the second half; it was fantastic, but that’s because of the way we played, and that’s really cool.

We now have a long week, which is a significant improvement, and I enjoy it because it gives us plenty of time to train, real time to train, real time to heal for certain boys, and real time to train, bringing them back.

It’s crucial for Thiago to complete additional training sessions, and the news that Luis Diaz will resume full-fledged team training and be available for the game is quite encouraging. Then we must go once more, this time to Leeds. That will be a difficult one, but there are no good reasons for us not to prepare again and build on today. When I indicated it was a step in the right direction following the Chelsea game, many people undoubtedly wondered what I was talking about.

But from other perspectives, it was a step, and today, that was another step. We were a part of a magnificent soccer match because we played well for an hour: okay, but we gave up after 30 minutes, then we played well, and we should have defeated the squad that was hot and in form, but we didn’t. Anything may happen today, and since they are up 2-0, the fact that it didn’t happen because of us is fine.

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