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Jürgen Klopp: I cannot anticipate any other team to be as powerful as Tottenham.



When Tottenham Hotspur visits Anfield on Sunday for their Premier League match, Jürgen Klopp anticipates playing the best version of them and preparing for a “real threat.”

Spurs fought back from two goals down to secure a 2-2 home draw against Manchester United on Thursday night, with interim manager Ryan Mason taking the reins for the first time.
The result follows a 6-1 defeat at Newcastle United last Sunday, in which Tottenham trailed 5-0 after just 21 minutes.
However, Klopp is full of admiration for the quality of this weekend’s opponents and insists that no one will underestimate their considerable threat.
Asked if he thinks Tottenham’s form could have an impact on the match against the Reds, the manager told reporters during the second part of his pre-match press conference: “That’s not what I’m thinking about.

Newcastle, I came home, I turned on the television, it was 1-0. I had something else to do, I wanted to watch the game a bit later, when I came back it was 5-0. I really thought it was wrong on screen, like a joke or something. I had to watch it later.
“Newcastle is clearly in a very good moment, we saw that last night. People who are really radiant, full of confidence, so things like that can happen. After that it was a normal game which I think ended 1-1.
“I could never think like that because to find the right attitude towards a match, you have to think that your opponent is extremely strong – and they are strong.
“A very famous German coach once said that if you always expect an easy game you’ll never get one, [but] if you always expect a super tough game you might have an easy game of time time, but the reverse is not the case. it works, that’s right.

“I have no idea what happened at Tottenham but I see Harry Kane, I see Heung-min Son, I see Kulusevski, I see Perisic, Richarlison, Hojbjerg and so on and so on.
“They’ve played exceptional football throughout their careers and we realize we’ve had some issues this year and maybe other teams thought it was a great time to score Liverpool. Maybe it was, I don’t know, but if it had been me on the other side, I never would have thought Liverpool would be weak.
“I can’t think of anything else about Tottenham that I don’t expect them to be really strong. You give them a ball, it could be the wrong one and they’re off.” Harry Kane can score just about anywhere. In a really tough match last night, the big chance he prepared for Son was exceptional. That you don’t have a big game but still this quality, that’s the real threat.
“They have a real quality and we have to make sure they can’t show it. It’s always the same thing. In the best Tottenham moments or the less good Tottenham moments I have a lot of respect for the quality of their team.”

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