Jürgen Klopp describes a Liverpool player with a 'tough' role in the new formation as having to "learn." | soccer4u
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Jürgen Klopp describes a Liverpool player with a ‘tough’ role in the new formation as having to “learn.”



Trent Alexander-Arnold recently received a new position from Jürgen Klopp, which also affected one of his Liverpool teammates’ responsibilities.


There were many talking points following Liverpool’s victory over Nottingham Forest, most of which were favorable.

In the Premier League, every victory you claim is deserving of credit. Even though Liverpool lost leads twice at Anfield on Saturday, their general strength was evident.

Jürgen Klopp had the opportunity to single out several players for appreciation after their performances. Diogo Jota for scoring twice more, Trent Alexander-Arnold for contributing to the win with yet another assist, or Mohamed Salah for scoring the game-winning goal.

But Klopp mentioned Andy Robertson in his post-game press conference. The left-back, who also provided an assist for Jota’s second goal, looked to be in top form.

A new position for Alexander-Arnold on the team has received a lot of attention. In the most recent games, the right-back has been used in a deeper-lying midfield position, which has allowed him to be more inventive with his passing.


Robertson’s position on the team has been impacted as a result of the outcome. The Scotland captain has added new duties while continuing to play left-back.

Regarding Robertson, Klopp acknowledged having a lot of faith in the Scotland international’s ability to make the right decision on his own during matches. Given that the 29-year-old is nearing the conclusion of his sixth season as a player for Liverpool, there is unquestionably a lot of confidence in his skills on both sides.

Of course, it slightly altered his role. It’s obvious,” Klopp said, according to the Liverpool Echo. “We can’t keep one full-back high up on the left side and the other in the middle of the field all the time.

“That’s challenging, so Robbo has to assess the circumstances in which he can participate and the occasions in which he can overlap, such as at Leeds when he overlaps Diogo passes to Cody, Mo, goal.

These circumstances are still present. But in the opening seconds of the build-up, his position and role had slightly changed. He is a highly skilled player, however, and he is aware of when we need him to be present.

It was a bit of a mix today. He occasionally needed to be high, but it depended on the circumstance. The boys must learn how to correctly assess these circumstances and act at the appropriate time.

The fact that Liverpool behind its competitors by so many points with so few games left to play is a major issue. Despite the fact that it is still not a mathematical certainty, Klopp will continue to have faith in his team’s ability to accomplish their primary goal.

It’s conceivable that Robertson’s new position will have a significant impact on whether Liverpool is successful this season. Of course, it’s not entirely his responsibility, but whenever a player is given a new responsibility on a team, there is always a chance that something unexpected could happen.

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