Jude Bellingham: The spectacular Liverpool move is back on as the Reds'retaliate' against Dortmund with a new plan of attack and a star issues a demand | soccer4u
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Jude Bellingham: The spectacular Liverpool move is back on as the Reds’retaliate’ against Dortmund with a new plan of attack and a star issues a demand



Jude Bellingham joining Manchester City or Real Madrid this summer is no mere formality, after all, as Liverpool are still eager to bring him in after hatching a new strategy, according to a source.

Bellingham has long been on Liverpool’s radar as they look to strengthen Jurgen Klopp’s midfield. Reds scouts are extremely impressed with Bellingham’s performance at both Borussia Dortmund and in England. At just 19 he has already established himself as one of the best midfielders in Europe.

On 11 April, Liverpool’s hopes of catching the Bundesliga star were dashed. Various sources, including The Athletic, The Telegraph and The Guardian, revealed how Liverpool chose not to pursue him.

Liverpool had been put off by Dortmund’s asking price, which was said to be between £115m and £135m.

Klopp wants several new players this summer, including two or three midfielders and a centre-back. Spending over £100m on Bellingham would have prevented the manager from improving other parts of the squad, so Liverpool decided the move was not worth it.

The huge update saw City and Real lined up to sign the highly regarded teenager.

However, according to Football Transfers journalist Jacque Talbot, Liverpool are still keen to sign Bellingham on a big deal.

Writing on Twitter, the reporter sheds more light on Liverpool’s talks to sign Bellingham this summer, while also revealing how the player could move to Anfield next year.

Jude Bellingham at Liverpool is still a possibility.

According to Talbot, Bellingham told Dortmund that he wanted to go to Liverpool this summer. Therefore, the Merseyside company has submitted a bid worth £85 million plus add-ons. They thought he would be accepted because Bellingham wants such a transfer and the fact that Dortmund will struggle to get that much next year when the star is in the final year of his contract.

However, Dortmund rejected this proposal. Instead, they want Bellingham to sign a new deal with them which includes an £80million release clause which will be activated next summer.

Liverpool ‘retaliated’ to Dortmund’s refusal by telling the German side they will wait for Bellingham to agree to the new deal before ousting him and landing him for £80m in the summer of 2024.

Bellingham will likely have the option of joining City or Real later this year. However, it looks like he is waiting for Liverpool. It is clear that Liverpool are not at the level of City or Real at the moment. They languish in seventh place in the Premier League and are also knocked out of the Champions League, while City and Real meet in the UCL semi-finals.

However, there are a few reasons why Bellingham might opt ​​for a transfer from Liverpool over his other potential suitors. The first is the ability to follow in the footsteps of legendary Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard, one of his biggest idols.

Bellingham could also be convinced to go to Anfield by Klopp. The manager will do his best to explain how Bellingham will fit into the project and how he wants Liverpool to get back to the top of the Prem table in the next two years.

Another factor to consider is game time. Bellingham does not want his development to stall by having to sit on the bench at his next club.

At Real, there is a possibility this could happen due to the plentiful midfield options at Carlo Ancelotti’s disposal.

In contrast, Bellingham would walk straight into the Liverpool side and could therefore become the spearhead for their journey back to the summit of European football.

Bellingham is facing a huge decision as he must choose between three massive clubs, but it is a position players around the world will envy.


Jude Bellingham and Liverpool transfer request emerges as Dortmund asked to accept $161m clause

Liverpool were in the race to sign Jude Bellingham as part of a squad shake-up this summer, but the England midfielder could still join in a year or two.

Liverpool fans received a major blow earlier this month when it was revealed the Reds were pulling out of the race to sign Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham.

Liverpool had long had their sights set on Bellingham but the scale of the overhaul required this summer after a disastrous season, coupled with the cost of signing Bellingham, forced the club to withdraw interest and focus on something to judge otherwise.

With all of this, most assumed Bellingham would leave Borussia Dortmund and it was just a matter of who. But this is not necessarily the case. What if he stays?

Speaking to the BBC, German journalist Sascha Staat believes Bellingham could stay in the Bundesliga for a few more years before potentially moving to Liverpool if they qualify for the Champions League.

“I think if they qualify for the Champions League in two years, he will be there,” Staat said. “Everyone talks about him leaving for the Premier League or the Spanish league, but why? If I was his manager, I would probably stay here for another season, maybe extend the contract, maybe have a clause $161m (£130m/€150m) release fee. “And it would be the best thing for his personal development, as a player, as a person, and he will have more opportunities when it comes to a club like Liverpool. So I think he will wait for another season. It will be better for him.”

“And that would be the best thing for his personal development, as a player, as a person, and he will have more opportunities when it comes to a club like Liverpool. So I think he will wait another season. the best for him.” him.”

Liverpool.com says: Most of the Where Will Bellingham Go saga assumed he would definitely go, but at just 19, maybe another year in Germany wouldn’t hurt him.

He will continue to grow into one of the best teams in the country and that gives Liverpool the opportunity this summer to sort out the squad and allow the club to focus on him to make him their top priority in a year’s time. It might make sense, but Real Madrid might have other ideas.


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