Ipswich's spotlight, Huddersfield aims to spoil.
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Ipswich’s spotlight, Huddersfield aims to spoil.



McKenna has led Ipswich to the brink of back-to-back league promotions and a spot among the game’s titans next season, including Liverpool and his previous club, Manchester United.

However, the 37-year-old McKenna was keen to warn against any premature celebrations as Ipswich entertain Huddersfield Town in search of a valuable point to leapfrog Leeds United into the Championship automatic promotion spot.

“Honestly…I don’t want to talk about the ‘if’,” McKenna told BBC Suffolk ahead of the match. “I get the question, but it’s been a discipline to not spend too much time or energy worrying about the ‘ifs’, and the group has done an excellent job of doing so.

“We realize it would be a tremendous accomplishment, and we understand what it would mean to the town, the football club, the players, the staff, and everyone.

“We’ll do everything we can to make it happen, just like we’ve done all year.

“That’s all we can do.

“We can’t provide more than 100%…the group has been providing 100% day in and day out for a very long time and has demonstrated an extraordinary degree of consistency.

“That’s all we can do…that’s what we’ll focus on and that’s what we’ll five.

“Hopefully at 3 o’clock tomorrow will be the time to enjoy and think about what has gone before and what is to come.

“But, honestly, we’ve really not allowed ourselves too many of those thoughts and certainly not any real discussions within the dressing room.

“It’s all about the journey we’ve been on and taking the next step.”

Ipswich last participated in the top division of English football in 2002, although under McKenna’s supervision, the club has 93 points.

McKenna, who was born in England but raised in Fermanagh, will leave Manchester United as first-team coach in 2021 to become manager of Ipswich Town.

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