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Interview with Fabinho: Spurs test, midfield energy, Cody Gakpo, and forward motion



In an effort to build on their current three-game winning streak, Fabinho examined how Liverpool’s aggressive counter-pressing and midfield tactical adjustments got them there.


When Tottenham Hotspur comes to Anfield on Sunday, the Reds hope to follow up encouraging performances against Leeds United, Nottingham Forest, and most recently, West Ham United, with another 90 minutes full of energy and control.

Fabinho met with at the AXA Training Centre to discuss that matchup with Spurs and his thoughts on the team’s recent run of success and some particularly strong teammates.

Yes, in my opinion. We are currently playing pretty well. We can keep playing pretty well while playing during the week and on the weekends. I think the team is pretty strong physically as well. Every player’s response in the game, the counterpress, and everything else are all visible. Then, of course, we witnessed the ball’s quality. We constantly create chances, we will always have chances, and we are also being clinical when we are in front of the goal.

Everyone has the same idea, he answers very well. If a player loses the ball, everyone is ready to pressurize it and recover it. I think this is very important. This is how we always play: counter pressure, reaction. I think it works very well. Curtis joined the team a few games ago and is playing very well. I think it’s very important to have a player like him play at the top level because it really helps us. And then we changed some things in our system. Now with Trent, when we have the ball, he gets in next to me a little bit more and I think he’s worked out really well for us. He is a really good player with the ball.

Me and him, I think we get along well, we get along well. I think the team is playing really well right now and we just have to keep that momentum going and keep playing good games and winning.

I’m not really surprised. Curtis, I know him well, I know his qualities. He is the type of player who always seems ready. I don’t know how many games he has played on the bench or even on the bench [but] when he started he always played well. That’s why I say he’s already done. I am not at all surprised by his accomplishments. And Trent, we all know his quality. I said it before, even when playing at right-back he likes to drop a bit to get the ball in a similar position and tries to pass the ball because he might be the best passer in the team . Now he’s in that position more often and I think he really likes being in that position because he has more possession and is more important on that part of the pitch. It works very well for him and for us. I hope he continues to improve in this position because me, him, Hendo, Curtis, we play very well in this part of the pitch. This is good for the team.

Cody is currently playing very well. I believe that transitioning to a new team, system, or style of play is difficult at first. When anything is first starting off, it’s common for things to not go as planned. However, he is currently demonstrating his talent and proving why Liverpool purchased him. Because of how much we currently need him, it’s incredibly advantageous for us. He has the ability to drop, receive the ball, turn, pass, and score. Being able to enjoy him at his finest is fantastic.

Yes, everyone is fighting for something at this point in the season, and we all desperately need the points. We know that winning every game is necessary if we are to achieve our aim. Naturally, [playing] at home is incredibly special for us because we always play in front of our supporters, so it’s always a good thing. Our supporters played a huge role in our victory over Nottingham Forest in our most recent home game. The matchup with Spurs won’t be any different. We have a few days to get ready for this game, be psychologically and physically strong, and attempt to play a really excellent game.

Yes, it’s always good for everyone’s confidence when you win games.

We are aware that we are performing really well, but we also recognize the need to maintain this course, play with the same fervor, have the same attitude during the counter-press, throughout the reaction, and when handling the ball. We are doing a great job with these things, so we just need to keep plugging away.

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