High hopes in seattle as FIFA world cup returns to U.S in 2026
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FIFA World Cup

High hopes in seattle as FIFA world cup returns to U.S in 2026



With the World Cup coming back to the United States, FIFA is gearing up for one of the most thrilling events to ever take place in the country.

Top players from across the world will be present in 60 cities across three host countries: the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Thanks to the passion of the game and the backing of its supporters, U.S. soccer is prepared to provide the best experience possible in the summer of 2026.

With the greatest number of international teams ever featured in a FIFA game, fans will have plenty of chances to support their nation of choice. With a 33-game schedule spanning from Vancouver, British Columbia, to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and as far south as Guadalajara, Mexico, this is particularly the case throughout the West Coast.

At least six of those games will take place in Seattle.

JT Batson, CEO of the U.S. Soccer Federation, is one of the best players off the field for U.S. Soccer, and he has high regard for the Emerald City.

“Seattle is among the greatest soccer communities in the United States and, in my opinion, the entire globe. “I believe that this place, its history, its culture, and its infrastructure rank among the best that I have ever seen in a facility,” Batson remarked. “This is just the beginning in terms of the clearly amazing history, but there is a lot of promise here, and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

And head coach Brian Schmetzer is aware that the community can support the Sounders FC’s mission to transform Seattle into Soccertown U.S.A.

“The country, the three countries’ ability to host something like this, the sport, the World Cup, large stage, Seattle’s ability to organize events like this. It’s going to be a huge event, in my opinion, and it will be significant for the Seattle sports scene as well,” Schmetzer stated. “And when the Swedish [fans] or the Cameroonian or whoever we get drawn comes, even those who might not be into soccer will watch it. You’ll see, you know, people getting together, having friendly conversations, playing soccer, and being excellent supporters. It will be fantastic.

Batson claims that Coach Schmetzer is a national soccer legend in addition to being a legend in Washington, where he won two MLS titles. Baston genuinely thinks that sports have great influence.

“We want soccer to be the most popular sport among the younger generation. That indicates that it’s the most popular and easily accessible sport overall, according to Batson.

In the World Cup, Team USA has never prevailed. Many believe that 2026 will be the year at last. With five World Cup victories overall, Brazil is the most successful nation in the international competition. Germany and Italy are next with four each.

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