Former Sheffield United boss retires from football, stating, "I'm . . .
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Former Sheffield United boss retires from football, stating, “I’m done.”



Former Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock has announced his retirement from football after several retirements and comebacks. The 75-year-old just left Aberdeen following a brief stint in management, but he began the season with Huddersfield.

The experienced manager produced another miracle to preserve Huddersfield from relegation last season, but he was only allowed a few weeks this season before being fired and replaced by former Sheffield Wednesday manager Darren Moore, who did not work out. In recent years, Warnock rescued Cardiff City from a relegation struggle and got them promoted the next season, while he also salvaged Rotherham United from what appeared to be a point of no return before that.

Warnock has the record for most promotions, with eight, and he led his hometown club Sheffield United from 1996 to 2007. Forty-four years after starting his management career with Gainsborough Trinity, the former Blades manager believes he’s retired for good and is enjoying other aspects of life.

“That’s me finally done now,” he said on the Tippy Tappy podcast. “I’ve got other things. The point is, I’m loving it. My son William plays golf, and I’ve enjoyed watching him. He is presently on scratch and teaches it in Corwell. I caddied for him at a competition a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t make it through 18 holes! My back couldn’t handle it.

“But I’ve really enjoyed watching him play. Amy, my daughter, is at a hospital and is a radiotherapist, and my two grown ups are in Leeds and James is in Boston Spa. It’s nice to have some time now. Sam will tell you – when you are a manager, you neglect your family. You are that in to football that you sit down to watch Coronation Street and you’re not watching Coronation Street. You are thinking about what’s happening tomorrow, what’s happening Saturday, ‘I’m going to have to tell him tomorrow that I’m dropping him’.”


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