Footage of the Grade F tackle that injured the star has surfaced.
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Footage of the Grade F tackle that injured the star has surfaced.



Fans are perplexed after learning that Sylvester Namo of the Castleford Tigers has been charged with Grade F Dangerous Contact. Video of the alleged incident has surfaced.

The incident in the Tigers’ humiliating 60-6 home loss to the Wigan Warriors wasn’t given a card at the time, but the Match Review Panel had other ideas.

Given that this is the Papua New Guinea international’s first offense, the suspension could be imposed for a certain amount of time or a penalty of at least six games.

“Dangerous Contact – Defender uses any part of their body forcefully to twist, bend, or otherwise apply pressure to the limb or limbs of an opposing player in a way that involves an unacceptable risk of injury to that player,” according to the minutes of the Match Review Panel committee.

This has been brought before a tribunal, which many anticipate will take a lenient stance.

The video sparked controversy among fans on X, the former Twitter platform. Many were perplexed as to how a seemingly benign challenge could be assessed as serious as a Grade F offense.

Fans have felt that decisions are made with little consideration for how the sport is played, as has been the case frequently this season:

It’s probably accurate to say that tackles like this one happen frequently throughout games, and many people wonder if Isa would have even gotten away with it had he not been hurt.

Furthermore, these pictures suggest that Willie Isa’s injury may have occurred even before the tackle—possibly occurring earlier.


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