Following Atletico Madrid's move, Manchester United declines the possibility of a Cristiano Ronaldo swap.. | soccer4u
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Manchester United

Following Atletico Madrid’s move, Manchester United declines the possibility of a Cristiano Ronaldo swap..



Since Atletico Madrid is rumored to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s main suitor given his limited alternatives and the La Liga club’s transfer list includes Antoine Griezmann, a swap deal has been proposed.

Following Atletico Madrid's move, Manchester United declines the possibility of a Cristiano Ronaldo swap

Griezmann would be a perfect player to offload in order to meet Ronaldo’s outrageous price demands because he is one of the club’s best earners.

According to the source, Ronaldo is open to the idea of joining his old opponent and returning to Madrid, where he won four Champions League championships and four Ballon d’Or trophies while also becoming Real Madrid’s leading goal sc

Following this information, naturally the idea of a swap deal has been floated, with Ronaldo moving one way and Griezmann going the other.

The 37-year-position old’s appears to have not changed following his return to Carrington on Tuesday morning and subsequent talks with Erik ten Hag, John Murtough, and Richard Arnold.

Ronaldo, who missed all of the previous practice sessions and the preseason tour under new manager Ten Hag, returned to the Manchester United practice facility.

Jorge Mendes, the guy trying to negotiate a trade for the Portuguese international this summer, accompanied the player.

Manchester Evening News, credit
Manchester Evening News, credit
In the meantime, United’s stance on the subject is likewise unaltered; they continue to assert that they wish to retain Ronaldo for the forthcoming season, with Ten Hag also suggesting that he might stay longer.

However, Ronaldo’s team seems to be moving forward with their transfer pursuit as Atletico Madrid gives them a boost.

The Times claims that Antoine Griezmann has been made available for transfer by Atletico Madrid in an effort to enable a Ronaldo transfer.

The Athletic claims that, as of right now, a potential player trade involving the two has been rejected.

Even openly, Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo stated that signing Ronaldo would be “practically impossible.”

But as we have discovered from prior transfer sagas, such claims can frequently be little more than smoke and mirrors.

However, it is still true that the 37-year-transfer old’s will be challenging to complete because there are a number of roadblocks that must be cleared before anything can happen.

According to Manu Sainz, who is well-known to get along with Jorge Mendes, Ronaldo will continue to practice with the Man Utd team in the interim with the utmost professionalism.

Sainz stated that Ronaldo’s teammates gave him a warm welcome upon his return and briefed him on the events of their trip of Thailand and Australia.

Before saying he was ready to resume training, Ronaldo mainly addressed the Portuguese-speaking team members and welcomed the new additions.



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