Fabinho discusses Trent Alexander-Arnold's formation adjustment and reveals who the 'greatest passer' in the Liverpool team is. | soccer4u
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Fabinho discusses Trent Alexander-Arnold’s formation adjustment and reveals who the ‘greatest passer’ in the Liverpool team is.



Talented player recently discussed tomorrow’s Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield.

Talented player has revealed Liverpool’s tactical shift, which has seen Trent Alexander-Arnold frequently coupled with the Brazilian in midfield.

Both players have come under severe scrutiny this year due to their significantly subpar performances as the Reds have struggled for the bulk of the season thus far. However, Liverpool are now starting to find form at the business end of the season after Jurgen Klopp switched to an inverted full-back formation.

When the Reds get the ball, Alexander-Arnold will shift centrally into midfield alongside the Brazilian. The right back is thriving in his new position; in his last four games, he has contributed five assists.

Liverpool, meanwhile, enters its match against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday riding a five-game winning streak. And Fabinho, whose form has also significantly improved, has explained how the decision has allowed the Reds to return to their best.

“We are now playing very well. We can keep playing incredibly well because we are playing on the weekends and during the week,” he told the team. Physically, I think the team is also incredibly strong. Every player’s response in the game, the counterpress, and everything else are all visible.

“Then, of course, we noticed the ball’s quality. We constantly create chances, we will always have chances, and we are also being clinical when we are in front of the goal.

“Everyone has the same idea and is responding really nicely. Everyone is prepared to press and reclaim the ball if one player drops it. This, in my opinion, is quite significant.

“We constantly play in this manner: counter-press, reaction. This, in my opinion, is incredibly effective. Since joining the team a few games ago, Curtis Jones has been performing admirably. He definitely aids us, so I believe it’s crucial to have a player like him competing at the greatest level.

“After that, we made certain changes to our system. Trent now moves a little bit closer to me when we have the ball, and I believe it has worked incredibly well for us. He is an excellent ball player.

“I believe that me and him get along well; we comprehend one another. The squad is now performing incredibly well, so all we have to do is maintain this momentum by continuing to play well and win games.

“I’m not really surprised (by how well the revamped midfield is performing),” he continued. I am familiar with Curtis and am aware of his character. He is the kind of athlete who always appears prepared.

“I don’t know how many games he spent on the bench or not even on the bench, but he always played well when he entered the starting XI. I say he’s already prepared because of this. His performances don’t at all surprise me.

And Trent, we are all aware of his talent. He may be the team’s finest passer, and I’ve mentioned that before, so even when he plays right-back, he likes to drop a bit to receive the ball in a position similar to that and try to pass the ball.

“Now that he is playing in this position more frequently, I believe he appreciates having more possession of the ball and playing a bigger role in this area of the field.

“It’s actually working out for him and for us. Because of how well myself, him, Hendo, and Curtis are playing in this area of the field, I hope he keeps improving. This benefits the team.

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