EFL chairman disappointed by Wrexham's FA Cup controversy.
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EFL chairman disappointed by Wrexham’s FA Cup controversy.



Darragh MacAnthony, chairman of Peterborough United, has revealed what disappointed him the most about Wrexham following the latest FA Cup updates.

On April 18th, the FA reached an agreement with the Premier League proposing a new model for the FA Cup, which includes Wrexham.

There will be no more midweek fixtures, and the final will take place the weekend before the final round of Premier League matches.

Most controversially, replays will be eliminated starting with the first round.

Many EFL and non-league clubs have expressed outrage since the FA negotiated this agreement without engaging clubs outside of the top flight.

Given that, including qualifying rounds, 731 clubs competed in the FA Cup, speaking to a group of barely 20 of those teams generated much indignation.

For many grassroots and non-league clubs, FA Cup replays are regarded as a vital source of cash that adds to the operation of a football club, hence their elimination is a great loss.

Darragh MacAnthony says what annoyed him about Wrexham

Last season, Wrexham had the misery of an FA Cup replay, losing to Sheffield United in the fourth round of competition.

Phil Parkinson’s side came close to a massive victory in the first encounter, but John Egan’s 95th-minute equaliser forced a replay at Bramall Lane, which they lost 3-1.

Despite this defeat, the Welsh side understands the value that miracle replays can bring to non-league clubs, providing much-needed respite from their financial woes.

However, according to Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony, Wrexham was one of numerous clubs that ignored an e-mail he wrote urging them to criticize the decision.

On the Hard Truth podcast, MacAnthony stated: “I sent an e-mail to EFL teams asking them to join us in criticizing the decision to eliminate FA Cup replays, but Championship clubs have been silent, and it’s regrettable that Wrexham has been quiet.

“If they have said something then I apologise, but I haven’t seen it. I guess their fans will say this is me having another dig at their club, but it’s not.

“I’m usually very positive about them and I’m a big fan of their owners. But this is a club that has made a lot of money from replays on ESPN. I will watch part three of their documentary, but it did amuse me they have been marketing it with the theme tune from Rocky, one of the great underdog movies!”

Disappointing from Wrexham if true

After spending 15 years in the National League before being promoted last year, it’s sad that Wrexham aren’t protesting the FA’s decision.

Of course, no one knows if the Reds support or oppose replays, but they should be in the former group since non-league clubs deserve a chance at a giant-killing.

And, having seen Maidstone reach the last 16 this season before succumbing to Coventry City, the romance of the FA Cup isn’t gone, but not overturning this decision takes part of that away.

Let’s hope it turns out Wrexham wants to maintain FA Cup replays, because even if it doesn’t change the decision, it demonstrates they haven’t lost their heritage.

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