Demanding Agreement to sign player reached by Watford
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Demanding Agreement to sign player reached by Watford



Journalist Mariano Olsen has again taken to Twitter to talk about the transfer, this time to bring more details of the negotiation.

It’s now being said that Equidad will receive 20% of any future transfer fees as a result of Watford’s acquisition. Ricardo may also remain with the Colombian team until December, but the Hornets will have the last say on that.

Last week, Olsen had previously revealed that Ricardo was relocating to England. He said the 20-year-old would join Watford as a player on Thursday.

Since then, some local media outlets have attempted to tone down the pace. According to Pipe Sierra, a reputable local journalist, the situation was still just one of bargaining.

Although the player’s crew acknowledged that conversations had taken place, he insisted that nothing had been completed as of yet.
Olsen seems to be sticking to his guns with his knowledge, so it wouldn’t be shocking if we saw Watford or Equidad certifying the transfer deal.


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