Dale Join Clubs In Fair Game Open Letter
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Dale Join Clubs In Fair Game Open Letter



Football executives from all tiers of the game banded together today to express their outrage at the defective consultation process that resulted in the removal of FA Cup replays from the official first round beginning with the upcoming season.

Currently, more than twenty clubs have supported the Fair Game amendment to the Football Governance Bill in a letter to Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer.

In response to pressure on the football schedule, the Premier League and the FA made the decision. The vast majority of clubs have been kept in the dark, and the response from the rest of the pyramid has been nearly totally hostile.

According to the amendment, any modifications made to the FA Cup must have the support of the majority of qualified teams.

The letter stated: “We want to save the FA Cup.” It was also forwarded to the Premier League, the FA, and the EFL. The FA Cup is the world’s oldest football competition, and the decision to exclude replays from the official first round further diminishes its stature and offers no safeguard for our beloved football pyramid.The Premier League’s influence over this decision is just one more illustration of how football is becoming more and more divided, with inequalities widening both between and within divisions at every level.
“The FA Cup participating clubs were not consulted.” Both the supporters and our clubs have been let down.

The letter goes on to question the pressure on the calendar. It states:

“A Premier League club that qualifies for the Champions League – and there will be only four of them in the 2024/25 season – will play a minimum of 50 matches. That includes 38 league games, at least one in the FA Cup, one in the EFL Cup, and 10 Champions League group-stage fixtures.

“However, League One and League Two clubs – and there are 48 of them – will play a minimum of 51 matches (46 in the league, a minimum of one FA Cup and one EFL Cup tie, and three EFL trophy group games). That’s 11 more than Premier League clubs that don’t qualify for Europe.”

Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game, added:

There is a great deal of rage from football players at all levels. Regretfully, this symbolizes the increasing haughtiness among the elite players and their contempt towards the lower echelons of the football hierarchy.

According to our most recent research, there is a growing disparity within and across divisions at all levels. The game’s legacy is being destroyed, and the pyramid is becoming a greasy pole. The new regulator must intervene and stop this destructive tendency.

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