Cristiano Ronaldo's strange turn once more demonstrates Liverpool's superiority over Manchester United. | soccer4u
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s strange turn once more demonstrates Liverpool’s superiority over Manchester United.



Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave the club, but Manchester United wants him to sign a contract extension before letting him go on loan, which is something that would never happen at Liverpool.

Cristiano Ronaldo's strange turn once more demonstrates Liverpool's superiority over Manchester United.

So much for Manchester United entering a reasonable new age.

Erik ten Hag’s arrival was meant to signal a new era for the club. This was supposed to be a turning point after years of being made fun of by supporters of rival clubs for failing to transform the club into anything approximating the monster Sir Alex Ferguson built.

The hiring of Ten Hag was intended to mark a new chapter in Man United’s history. We were informed that this time would be different and more along the lines of the seamless model seen at modern-day Liverpool, despite the fact that United finally decided not to bring Red Bull mastermind Ralf Rangnick into the boardroom as intended.

According to the most recent sources, not much has actually changed.

Ronaldo, a free agent forward, is reportedly being pressured by United to sign a fresh extension to his existing contract. The Portuguese player’s one-year loan to a Champions League side will only be approved after that.

Then, when he would be 38 years old, Ronaldo would come back and complete the last season of his United deal.

If these rumors are true in any way, it is completely incomprehensible that a club the stature of United would take this stance regarding Ronaldo. No matter what they had done in the past, United was once ruthless with elite talent and knew when to sell them.

Ferguson is known for selling Jaap Stam in 2001 although he still had years to reach the greatest level and for selling David Beckham in 2003 at the height of his commercial prowess. Paul Ince and Andrei Kanchelskis in the middle of the 1990s are comparable.

Now, for what reason are they caving to an aging Ronaldo? because they still have faith in his ability to deliver? or because of his enormous commercial and global influence? Those used to Liverpool’s efficient transfer policy may find it difficult to comprehend why they would agree to loan a 37-year-old player out on the condition that they can keep him for an additional season after he turns 18.

In the event that this does occur, the United circus will continue unabated. It also illustrates how United and Liverpool have quite different philosophies.

Liverpool would never consider bringing back a club great in his mid-30s on huge salaries under FSG. The owners typically take the other tack and trade away players as soon as they turn 30, if not earlier. There are certain exceptions, but youth, potential, and worth are the main priorities.

The 1990s version of Liverpool was a well-oiled machine with all boats moving in the same direction. Currently, Liverpool has a young, competitive team that is vying for championships under the direction of the team’s head coach.

United still frequently recalls the splendors of the Ferguson era and resembles Liverpool in that you have.

Should the Ronaldo extension go through, it will serve as just another illustration of the growing disparity between the two clubs’ approaches to running a soccer team. And it’s more proof that, at the current pace, it will take United years to catch up to Liverpool.

Two clubs traveling in opposing directions are these. The possibility of a 38-year-old Ronaldo making a comeback in 2023 or 2024 won’t significantly change the situation.


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