Chesterfield strategizes for EFL return transfers.
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Chesterfield strategizes for EFL return transfers.



The Spireites will play in the Football League for the first time in six years next season, having won the National League title.

However, unlike in the National League, clubs must follow financial fair play restrictions known as the Salary Cost Management Protocol (SMCP), which require teams to spend just a specified proportion of the previous year’s revenue on player wages.

Clubs are also limited to 22 outfield players, plus goalkeepers and under-21 players, in their teams.

“We believe we will box cleverly and invest the money where it will have the greatest impact on the team,” director Ashley Kirk said in a club interview.

“We must operate within budgetary limits. We are lucky to have a tremendous supporter base this year, as well as a fantastic home following, because we must use this year’s season tickets and ticket sales to anticipate the budget that we can actually have in the league and how much we are allowed to spend.

“We will have a highly competitive budget; it will not be the largest budget, but it will be competitive. We shall do our best under the limits we face.”

Last summer, Paul Cook took a quality-over-quantity strategy, bringing in Will Grigg, Tom Naylor, and Michael Jacobs, and that is likely to continue.


Kirk stated, “Paul Cook is a huge believer for year-on-year progress, and we anticipate that the team we put together next year will be better than the ones this year, either via training, player development, bringing in junior players, or judicious recruitment. There will be rational recruitment with a few changes.

“Everyone knows our squad, everyone knows we are incredibly strong; we may be looking at some additions here and there, but we are operating under the condition that we must have a team of 22 (outfield players) plus goalkeepers and under-21 players, and that is all you are allowed. That adds a rigor to the recruitment process that the National League lacks.




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