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Calvin Ridley Makes a Risky Career Move by Joining the Tennessee Titans



This off-season, wide receiver Calvin Ridley of the NFL made a big career decision.

The elite player moved to the Tennessee Titans from the Jacksonville Jaguars. With a $92 million four-year contract, Ridley became one of the highest paid players in his position.

Ridley’s choice to move teams was not as easy to make as it would have appeared. His decision to join the Tennessee Titans was driven by a burning urge to up the ante in his football career.

With their present roster, Ridley thinks the Titans have a better chance than the Jaguars to win their division.

The Titans’ elite league standing and the offensive prowess of guys like DeAndre Hopkins made Ridley’s move to Tennessee all but inevitable.

Ridley contrasted his circumstances in Jacksonville with the Titans’ prospects. It made more sense to Ridley the more he considered it.

A playoff run was more likely for Tennessee, which would have appealed to any budding football player.

With a solid offensive and defensive lineup that is anchored by standout receiver DeAndre Hopkins, the Tennessee Titans are starting to build momentum.

Ridley was clearly more drawn to Tennessee than the Jacksonville Jaguars because there was a greater chance of a breakthrough there.

Ridley played a respectable 17 games with the Jacksonville Jaguars in his final season. He hauled in 76 catches for 1,016 yards and eight touchdowns.

Even though he gave an outstanding performance, Ridley thinks he can still improve. The wide receiver is optimistic that his relationship with Hopkins and move to Tennessee will allow him to have a bigger influence on the field.

Tennessee’s top receiver, Hopkins, had a 1,000-yard campaign the previous year. By adding Ridley to the club, the Titans have increased their attacking potency and given opponents a dual threat.

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