Bennial World Cup planning, UEFA will oppose FIFA until "common sense" Prevail. | soccer4u
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Bennial World Cup planning, UEFA will oppose FIFA until “common sense” Prevail.



FIFA’s plans for biennial World Cups, according to UEFA and its president Aleksander Ceferin, must be scrapped.

The European Union Football Association (UEFA) has stepped up its opposition to FIFA’s plans for biannual World Cups, declaring that it will continue to do so until “common reason triumphs and they are dropped.”

FIFA is now conducting consultations with national organizations, confederations, fans, clubs, players, and leagues in order to decrease the gap between its men’s and women’s flagship events to two years starting in 2024.

Aleksander Ceferin, the head of UEFA, has already stated that if the modifications are made, European nations may decide to boycott the World Cup. On Friday, the confederation made no indication that its position has changed.

A biennial World Cup would be detrimental to all forms of football, diminish the tournament itself, hurt supporters financially, and impede the growth of women’s and youth football globally, according to a UEFA statement.

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