Bad Blood Between Bill and Robert was no secrete in NFL
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Bad Blood Between Bill and Robert was no secrete in NFL



Last season in the NFL, the relationship between New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and former Patriots head coach Bill Belichick became the subject of much discussion.

According to ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham and Jeremy Fowler, via individuals familiar with the matter, stated that the “bad blood” between the two was “no secret” around the league.

According to two sources quoted in the book, a close Kraft friend and a Belichick confidant, the Patriots’ owner gave Falcons owner Arthur Blank an appraisal of his former head coach.

According to the sources, Kraft “never have a warm conversation with” Belichick. Blank emphasized the importance of a “family first” team culture, and Kraft’s comments were direct and personal.

While Kraft claimed to solely praise Belichick, sources say the Kraft family felt “betrayed” by the coach.

“I don’t believe they’d try to hurt Belichick. But I doubt they’d try to help him either. They were not going to try and sink him. He was done as an effective head coach. Just consider his last four years in New England. A calamity. “Why do you want the headaches, Arthur Blank?”

The ESPN piece, which was revealed on Wednesday, sheds light on Belichick’s unsuccessful job search as well as his failed 2025 coaching quest.

According to an ESPN article, the former Patriots head coach was “shocked” to learn that the Falcons chose another candidate over him.

On January 25, Falcons owner Blank revealed that Raheem Morris would become the team’s next head coach. The former Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator, who had previously spent six years as an Atlanta assistant coach, was hailed as a “good fit.”

Belichick was the Patriots’ head coach for 24 years and guided them to remarkable success, winning six Super Bowls during his tenure. He left after going 4-13 last season, and was replaced by Jerod Mayo.

Despite his Hall of Fame credentials, no team hired him as their new head coach after he left New England this offseason.


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