Aston Villa reveals Villa Park upgrade, Adidas partnership, and . . .
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Aston Villa

Aston Villa reveals Villa Park upgrade, Adidas partnership, and hints at a new crest.



Aston Villa fans will notice some changes around Villa Park on Monday night and at the start of next season as work is done to improve the stadium and its environs.

Chris Heck, the club’s president of commercial operations, announced in December that plans to expand Villa Park’s capacity to 50,000 had been shelved. The strategy laid up by former CEO Christian Purlow was scrapped, which means Villa will continue to play in front of a full crowd rather than 36,000, as the North Stand is scheduled to be removed in June.

Villa’s new capacity expansion plans are yet to be published, but Heck has confirmed numerous aspects of his strategy, including changes to hospitality and retail.

He revealed to Villa TV, “We’re going to do a little work. We’re going to install rail seating [at the Holte End] and new seats, but we’re not going to replace any of the banners or anything else than clean things up a little.

“Over the next two summers, we are going to continue to clean it up and reimagine all of our premium seating. We are working on a concert venue that is for pre- and post-game, and we’re going to have an entertainment zone. You’ll also have a new superstore. That’s the vision.”

Heck added: “I have spent time watching the Holte End every single game and it is truly extraordinary. What they bring to Villa Park makes this place so unique and so special, and what I’ve learned is that you know leave it alone.

“So we haven’t had that conversation [about moving]. There is nothing planned, and I don’t expect to see it in my lifetime.”

The team is about to reveal a new kit partnership with Adidas, as well as a new crest. Supporters have observed the club’s new badge being painted on the wall of the former Stumps building on Witton Lane.

There is also an outline of the Adidas emblem, with the word ‘prepared’ in block capitals visible further down the wall.

Villa have revealed that they will close the club shop after Monday night’s Premier League match against Liverpool.

“to allow a considerable schedule of works to commence ahead of a multi-million-pound project that will transform our club store and double its size.”


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